If New Genesis is why the current PSO2 state is this way...

Then I get why. I am hopeful the final product will be much more amazing than it is now.

No, New Genesis does not justify how SEGA treated us like garbage, especially the PC players, and has overpriced and over-monetized PSo2NA to the point of ridiculousness, and all the other disastrous issues that they have caused.

Yes, New Genesis is great news, but there is no justification for PSO2NA´s launch and how they treated us because most of it was completely unneeded and easily avoidable.

Also, while they have said that "We can keep our characters" this can mean a whole host of things, so we will see what we actually get to keep and how it will actually work for current PSo2 players because surprises can be either good or bad.

Yeah, people should not be complacent on the monetization issues as well the MS Store issues. On the store issues, if the other PC Platforms are completely detached from the MS Store and have no strings attached, then we can consider it resolved. However, that has yet to be seen.

The SG monetization issue remains unresolved with no information on if it will be resolved.

The combined scratch should be resolved by the time they catch up but it would be great if they just stopped combining scratches and just split them into their original banners but run them concurrently to catch up.

I never talked about the monetization,I have been more than vocal enough about this LMFAO. I am talking about actual playable content and why it all feels so rushed.

@Morgothryuzaki I always imagined why they were rushing is because they don't want NA to be super far behind on content like how PSO1 Blue Burst and PSU were when they ended service. They probably know about the series' lackluster record in western releases, so I imagine that Sega wants to keep them close to try to draw in anyone who may have been hesitant due to how they were treated in the past.

Plus, managing the two versions that far apart would be a nightmare. PSO2 has come a long way from how it was 8 years ago; I'd imagine if the two versions are close in their patches, it would be easier to manage them.