Ultimate Quest - why Naverius over Lilipa?


Can't seem to ever get a Lilipa group, which is my preferred of the two. I'm fairly new still, am I missing something that makes Naverius vastly superior in some way?

is not superior is just the map is less pain in Naverius than is Lillipa, the bosses in both when appear are quite large however in Naverius there are more big space parts that makes easier to deal with their attacks while in Lillipa all corridors have the same size and when the boss is taking half of the corridor it becomes difficult to not be hit

There is a boost campaign for Nav right now.

@Vashzaron They both have an exp and rare boost at the moment.

I find the enemies on Lilipa are harder than Naverius too. Seem more annoying to fight. They move around a lot and shoot a lot... Naverius is just easier to deal with.

For some classes, correct positioning and dodge timing is a bit more strict on Lilipa. Plus, while ultimate farming you'll probably end up spending loads of time per run, so braindead farming is just easier on Naverius haha

I have no real preference.