@PhantasyStar719 One more thing, you need to pay closer attention to who you are responding to, because you replied to a chain of replies, and directly mentioned me, in a reply to someone else.

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Well that is Ash according to party list, and Rupica (Newman Force), Sue (Newman Hunter), Gilliam (Cast Ranger) - reoccurring chars of PSO2 in openings and new content videos

Yea but their names only came up before in the Japanese videos, this is the first time their party chat has been translated.

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Yeah that thing is the stuff of nightmares, I wish the facial model look something closer to guy in the opening.

That's the same guy lol, I mean it should be obvious by the throwback pose. Ash is the name of the default hunter for promotional material, hence why he was given that name in the Episode Oracle anime (he wears the same outfit as the original trailer in that anime, Itsuki's character in the first anime did too but he was established to not be the same guy from the start (Ash mains swords too, Itsuki mains gunslashes)). I don't know why the default class clones in the Falspawn Den UrQ were given different names though, that was a bit weird.

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Considering how many people use this creepy face, maybe the new engine faces will be an overall improvement in game. pso20200723_173426_002.jpg

Juvenilis best face. Anyway they will probably still allow a lot of creative freedom which translates into people making gremlins again anyway.

It's tough for me to say if they would update the models of existing cosmedics. It would be a huge undertaking. I think even if they don't completely overhaul them they will still be imported and look better in the new engine. There have been a lot of crossovers though, so I'm sure there is some desire to get them updated.


If THAT'S supposed to be Ash, then boy oh boy... whoever they got to do the CGI model for him needs to be placed on something else, he looks fucking horrifying!


@Kofi9867 bet he has more memes than trump already

He seriously looks like a MC from a middle school anime but pasted onto an adult body.

That neck though.

pso2 edit.png

I made a very quick edit of his face. not that great, but I tried to match his look in the first op of the game. Slimmed his eyes, elongated his nose, increased the nostril flare, shorted his jawline, rounded his chin a little more.

Entirely glad the NA player base has absolutely no bearing over the aesthetic of this game.

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Now that's what I'm talking about! 20.jpg

At first i fig I was new pso sp game then i seen ui then i was about time whole new look to the game so hype still waiting on rest of esp to hit NA

@Mattwo7 Might be for crafting or upgrading weapons. Its jist a rumor. We'll have to wait and see what is going into the new system and what's not. SOJ (SEGA of Japan) will be hosting a PSO2 Station on August 7th about the new update and whats to come. Just have to wait till then.

ill stay with this thread for now fak all the other threads about NG xD

for a fan this is a mindblowing teaser - im still thinking this is a dream...i dont care if they take my whole character away (even im quite sure they wont) i dont care what carries over and what doesn....i just wanna play that shit - right pay 500 bucks for a demo - id buy any product that includes a playable demo of this

THIS is what i wanted SEGA thank you for not letting the fans down!

"To answer the super important question: The PSO2NA team has confirmed you will not be losing your current character, which suggests that this is a complete overhaul to PSO2 instead of shutting down PSO2 and bringing this instead, which is great!"

Yeah we get to keep!

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