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Title says it all. I have been looking since I saw the announcement to see if its in fact an expansion that will graphically upgrade the base game (some twitter people have reported this); or if its going to be an entirely new game.

If its an entirely new game; you've kinda effectively neutered PSO2 NA; as nobody will continue to spend money on it if there's a new better version coming out. (Nobody other than unsuspecting people or whales that dont care imo)

when I saw the post and the video on twitter I was thinking "no they can't be that crazy to simply kill the game they just bring to outside of Japan" but a little search made me find the answer

In the description of the announcement they say its an engine and graphics upgrade. But we will find out more info soon I'm sure.

It's a literal complete graphical and engine overhaul... like, holy shit, it looks goddamn amazing. you won't be losing existing characters oml... this is what they've been working on all this time, no wonder they're rushing all the episodes here, they plan to release this globally!

The posts bumping around on twitter and facebook from the media team suggests we keep our character and this is an ARR style overhaul of the game.

It's hard trying to lower my expectations but this is so exciting

@Zythi5373 I wouldn't say it's a ARR upgrade, considering that FFXIV got a DOWNGRADE in graphics and the world is no longer open. This is moreso a reverse of that, with a more open world and better graphics.

We badly needed this for a while now, PSO2 is great, but its showing its age with its dated graphics.

The biggest thing I'm excited for is animated and pose-able fingers, tbh. Characters' hands are so stiff as it is, it's going to be refreshing to see them look natural.

@MarshalTobias32 Not really though, since it's stylized art and graphics. It lets the game get away with being old and not looking terrible, kind of like how WoW was able to go without major graphical upgrades for years and years.

Whether this is a new game or just a big update, I'm super excited!

@Kofi9867 That would be why I called it an overhaul, rather than an upgrade. Time will tell if we will actually get the graphics levels present in this trailer though.

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guys we have to rush content now...we needa be prepared for this



I mean, we are getting the first part of Episode 6 in December and the second part is probably coming shortly after so I don't think we have to worry about rushing content. My question is how long has new genesis been in the works. 2021 release feels a bit ambitious unless they have been working on it for quite a while now.

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My question is how long has new genesis been in the works. 2021 release feels a bit ambitious unless they have been working on it for quite a while now.

probably the same time as they advertised pso2 for western release - just my guess (the very first time) must have been in developement for years - as this does in fact look like a whole new game