@Archetype-Luna Agreed. On JP at the moment, the end game level growth isn't too fast or too slow, so I'm not too worried about how they'll handle that on NGS.

Plus it's not like the game ends if the players reach the level cap. While on NA they're not very useful yet, the class ex-cubes that we receive from leveling up at the level cap are very useful on JP, they're both one of the mats required for a high tier weapon series, they're also tradeable for high tier materials.

If they take what they've learned from PSO2 to NGS, I'm sure there'll be incentives to keep playing after reaching the level cap. Even if there's not, the original PSO2 will still exist as a distraction while players wait for new NGS content to be released.

@Archetype-Luna said in NEW GENESIS:

To be honest, the actual level cap is not as important as factors such as the amount of xp or time that it takes to get there. You can have a low level cap but still have the game feel like hitting the cap to be an achievement if you are spending enough time leveling. That being said, taking too much time at earlier levels can make things feel like a drag. At the same time, levels in PSO have never really mattered as much as your equipment.

Naturally the time it will take to max out leveling will always vary, I'm just more so curious on what we're looking at. Also wondering why is it that you feel levels never mattered much in PSO? Not disagreeing about equipment but there were still stat prerequisites on most items if I re-call correctly?

I'd consider them both intertwined.

I can sort of see what you're saying though I think, equipment does a lot of the heavy lifting in combat rather than without it.

@Redex Something I hadn't noticed in first the trailer that a breakdown I'm watching pointed out, it looks like PBs are being replaced with a class-specific mechanic. It might just be something like Complex PAs/Compound Techs though, the showed off ones that looked like Satellite Aim and Fomelgion.

@Leonkh99 said in NEW GENESIS:

any slower and people would yell out "its PSU all over again!"

People that do anyway except they also mention PSOBB and occasionally the rest of PSO...


Interesting.. we'll see soon enough.

Thanks for pointing it out.

@Mattwo7 They do have PB in slot 2 of the subpallete in the announcement video.Annotation 2020-07-26 172401.jpg

@TsundereMuse In the first trailer, at 1:16 the "PB" is used, but it works completely different than current PSO2 PBs, the way it worked in the trailer is more like either a class skill or a compound technic. It's likely that the PB icon is just a placeholder icon.

Great finds.

Ezo, well if it is just a placeholder it would make sense given what little we know on the Mag situation. It's still a ways away so a lot could change potentially.. I'm not stoked for the idea of class PB's though I don't wanna get ahead of myself before seeing how they've gone about things.

Yeah, I'd be inclined to say dummy/placeholder UI element there, but time will tell.

@Ezodagrom Ah, yeah you are completely right, I missed that actually.

Aslo I swear I remember the Rod attack's animation from some time during ep 4 or 5, but I can't place why for the life of me. Unless it was from the trailer for Nova instead.