@Leonkh99 I would have preferred New Genesis to be a true standalone released worldwide (like pokemon has been, recently) and NO release of PSO2 in NA at this point. remember PSP2I that got online play and then that didn't come to america? Yeah, gimme a full game as released elsewhere with only cosmetic stuff missing, and I'll take that any day over a BS money pit.

I used to say that PSO2 wasn't a money pit like most free to play games, but yeah, That's BS now.

@Lorelei-Moira Right..... than ANOTHER crowd of fans will not be satisfied as they complain about how JP get to keep their data from legacy PSO2 while we have to all start from scratch, yeah?


I'm gonna have to ask you to search engine

"Business fundamentals"

..Not only did these guys take a huge hit from the Dreamcast, they gave us PSO2 free with the option to spend money, so maybe calm down. Do you really feel compelled to attempt to rob sega of customers? lol.. geeeezsh.

Some might say if you're unhappy with how a company does things, find a new one then. the arguments that you are making on this thread are beyond moot.

@Leonkh99 Wow cosmetic BS that has literally no effect on game play.

It isn't like they didn't charge money for stargems and make them insanely time consuming in NA (they're much easier and more plentiful in JP) to mine or release the gacha cards that are 80 SG each, or roughly 4 dollars.

I played one and got a male, non-cast outfit that I'll never use because I only play one character - A Female cast

@Leonkh99 Yes, but they'd be unjustified because they've had time to actually play that, where the majority of the NA market hasn't.

@Redex yeah, exactly as they did in JP. I played JP for a while using a VPN, so I know.

Dreamcast might have been the system they gave up on too soon and manufactured it with lower quality parts than it should have gotten, but it is still a decent platform, imo.

@Leonkh99 said in NEW GENESIS:

Honestly.... I think the community really needs to chill regarding New Genesis. I can definitely understand most of the concerns regarding other threads like the whole SG issue and the mishandling of the Windows 10 launch... but honestly given how they went into detail in the last post regarding thewhole connectivity with New Genesis and the fate of legacy PSO2, I do believe that at this point the community's reaching a point where its practically trying to find "Something" to complain about... for something that is still in development!

No matter what SEGA does no one is gonna be satisfied. Too early to announce for the West? Then I guess we should just wait it out for five to eight years while JP ges New Genesis early! SEGA should have just skipped releasing PSO2 in the West in favour of waiting for New Genesis? Well... then people would just complain that JP players get to carry over a lot of things while we have to start from scratch. The way I see it... the way they are handling New Genesis has a ridiculous amount of generosity not previously seen by SEGA...

PSO2 isn't going anywhere... if it were, than why is JP getting a new class shortly after the announcement of New Genesis? Why is it getting a graphical update AT ALL if they just plan to finish off the game in a year or two? You aren't wasting your time playing PSO2... its not going anywhere just yet.

New Genesis has been in development since AT LEAST 2018, about a year prior to the Western announcement. Forget NA for a moment... you think for a second that given the popularity of cosmetics on PSO2 and the eight years that JP players got that they are just gonna go 'it doesn't matter'? They made a clear list of things that won't transfer over.... so long as outfits, outerwear, etc aren't in that list we are basically complaining about something that has no specific facts.

I am not complaining, I just don’t know what going on!? I will love whatever they do until I don’t and when that happens I will just leave and know body will know I left. I will just find another game I enjoy. I never what to takeaway someone else enjoy because of my own personal dissatisfaction. Because on the real.....If it wasn’t for other people’s enjoyment of creating the pixel environment I wouldn’t have Phantasy Star online to enjoy amongst others.

GOOD! Then I will always have a pixel game to play! Better than smoking weed and drinking alcohol. Playing pixels games never hurt anyone I 🤔 could be wrong!?

This post is deleted!

@Lorelei-Moira said in NEW GENESIS:

@Leonkh99 Wow cosmetic BS that has literally no effect on game play.

Its still 'cosmetic BS' that costs money and which a lot of people would prefer to keep than to feel like their money's gone to waste. New Genesis is an entirely new game, it wouldn't be fair to that game's new players if everyone who got to level 75 got to transfer all that to a new game with different systems and gameplay functionalities. I literally made the same argument regarding why JP to NA transfers would be a bad idea (sans the 'different systems and gameplay functionalities bit.

Your outlook on things seems to be one of pure innocence if not outright ignorance on the way these things work... cause like it or not, this is honestly the best outcome. Those who never got to experience legacy PSO2 get to experience it and will even be getting a shiny new update (seriously, we are talking like the game's gonna close in two years when JP's releasing a new class in a couple of months), we are getting a new PSO2 game releasing worldwide without no delayed releases, things we spent money on in PSO2 get to be transferred over, etc.... again, what are the complaints?

Not to mention.... your insulting of other members within these forums really don't help your case...


Pardon? I have no clue what you mean with the first sentence in your question.

Oh.. wait, I had to piece your excellent English together.. I never said it was your problem. I pointed out a fact and then raised a question to you.

People just want to complain! Play the game or don’t. Just have fun unless complaining is fun for you? Then .........enjoy yourself and complaining away!

@RainGnyu said in NEW GENESIS:

People just want to complain! Play the game or don’t. Just have fun unless complaining is fun for you? Then .........enjoy yourself and complaining away!

Agreed, people have the right to complain, just as much as we all have the right to laugh at them should we find them funny. (respectfully)

What an interesting read this was for sure. Personally I am excited and can't wait to hear more news about the details on how they plan to incorporate this.

Hey as long as I can keep my gear and costumes then I’m way than more down with it. But leveling back up to max may take some more work...again

@ZhaoYun96 Yeah but costumes are the real kicker think about the money spent on them or SG >O< to lose fashion is to lose your soul lol