@F2playing There is an article in the news section that covers many topics on this, I'd go read it if I were you. It all looks promising. Even old PSO2 is getting some graphical love.

@Anarchy-Marine said in NEW GENESIS:

@F2playing There is an article in the news section that covers many topics on this, I'd go read it if I were you. It all looks promising. Even old PSO2 is getting some graphical love.

Yes, but too many are far to incompetent to be able to read anything in it's entirety, Thus - then jump to conclusions.

@DDDDLife Well even before there was official word on the cosmetic end of things, I had a gut feeling that's what SEGA had planned. Most of this games income is from scratch tickets. Logic would dictate, that only a fool would kill a players love for looking cool, (or friggen hilarious, depending upon the player) whilst taking down the bad guys.

allowing you to use characters created with PSO2: NGS's system within PSO2 as well. Naturally, ALL character creation info from PSO2 (including items linked to emotes and other previously registered data) will be compatible with PSO2: NGS!

it says all character creation info - ill point this out in this one as well - character creation info are cosmetics or are they not? fashion belongs to the character creation info - and maybe they point out emotes as well because they are not obvious to guess from that (or dont really belong to said info so they had to point them out)

@JuggernautGTX Well if PSO2 is getting a graphics update to bring it in line with Genesis, logic would dictate that all encompassing outfits, and cosmetics would be getting that same update.

@Anarchy-Marine yup on top of that they already pointed out wich stuff does not carry over - outfits are not among the list - to me this is the confirmation ppl needed - outfits will carry over


Can't wait for HD Sexy Bikini.

@JuggernautGTX Basically, the only thing people would be rightfully worried about carried over. Their AC outfits and emotes. I can't wait to run into that one tiny Rappy player, that was wearing a large oversized sun hat. Especially in a large open field. It's going to be hilarous.

@Anarchy-Marine Yup i have read it as well seen the pso ng video that s why spent all the meseta on fashion i wanted to get, i use to balance it for upgrade my gear/affixing (since i wont be on much) and fashion.

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I've also worked in the game industry, of course this all could have been avoided with a simple pr statement with the video. Once again Sega lacks the ability to communicate.

You don't need to work in the industry to know lack of proper communication in the initial announcement is a dumb idea. Especially with the massive amounts of pessimism from the NA crowd, it's very tone-deaf.

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So for those that have yet to read the new announcement, the base game is getting a massive update, including new graphics. However, New Genesis will be a sister game that exists besides the base game. Your character, weapons, units, emotes, mags, etc. will be usable on both games. The new movement/combat system will only exist in New Genesis. You'll be able to play through the original story of PSO2 and then travel ~1,000 years into the future to play New Genesis with the same character and some of the same stuff.

New Genesis will not kill or replace PSO2. It is intended to live alongside it and SEGA has announced at least 5 more years of support for PSO2. Anyone that thinks that they no longer have a reason to play and/or support PSO2 because of this are delusional. Especially not when so many things will transfer between both games.

Oof, guess I underestimated how much of an overhaul the update to the game engine was. I don't think anyone could have seen this coming.

It would be ok for me if PSO2 gets a level reset, but for most it would not be ok I think. A reset for NA and Japan at the same time would also be appealing, but also a lot of work if you all have and want to have maximum, like me: D

@mickschen PSO2 isn't getting a level reset. PSO2 New Genesis is separate and will exist side by side with PSO2.

Leveling at NGS from 0 would be ok for me. But I think it will continue there in the future and not in PSO2. So that then comes level 100, 110 etc.

*Character Growth

Character growth will not be shared between PSO2 and PSO2: NGS. ⬨ Examples of Character Growth Elements That Are Not Shared With PSO2: NGS

Level, EXP, Class Skills, Photon Arts, Techniques*

That means, that we 100% getting not our level 90 from pso2 to pso:ngs or?

@mickschen Well, it's technically a new game (hence why they don't want the economy to carry over too but considering all the stuff that can be carried over, I honestly doubt that will go as so smoothly) so yea, that seems to be the case.

This is straight from Bumped.

Click Image to Watch


New Genesis is a massive overhaul to Phantasy Star Online 2's game system, graphics engine, and character creation system. The game will be reborn as an "open field" online RPG taking place 1000 years from PSO2's original story. Both PSO2 and PSO2: NGS will co-exist, allowing you to switch between both titles on the same account.


In PSO2: NGS, you'll gain new abilities to traverse the expansive terrain with Photon Glide and Photon Dash. The new enemy you'll face are known as DOLLS, but not much is known about them yet.


PSO2 NGS will have an updated graphics engine that allows you to create even more gorgeous characters than ever before. Characters will now have the ability to move their fingers, and you can even change the luster on the character's skin. You can place even more accessories and change their locations!


PSO2: NGS character creation system will be compatible with PSO2, allowing you to freely decide which version you want to use. PSO2's graphics engine will also be renewed, enabling you to use characters created from PSO2: NGS system into PSO2.

All character creation data, including items related to lobby actions and previously registered data will be compatible with PSO2: NGS!

What Carries Over

Game System Changes

The following items obtained from PSO2 CANNOT be used in PSO2: NGS:

  • Skill Rings
  • Consumable Items used for grinding, growth, and battle.
  • Boost Items
  • Material Items
  • Room Items

Plase be aware that the above information is subject to change in the future.

Player Data

  • Cash currencies such as Arks Cash and Star Gems can be used in both PSO2 and PSO2: NGS. However, in-game currencies such as Meseta and FUN, etc, will be held separately in each game since this can greatly affect the balancing of the economy.
  • Character growth data will NOT be shared across each version.
  • ❌ Character Levels
  • ❌ Experience
  • ❌ Class Skills
  • ❌ Photon Arts

Weapons, Units, and Mags

  • Weapons, Units, and Mags obtained from PSO2 can also be used in PSO2: NGS. However, their functions, performance, and appearances will change within PSO2: NGS.


  • While the designs of the weapon will remain the same, their stats, special abilities, and potentials will be different from PSO2.
  • High rarity weapons will not be equippable until the character reaches a certain level.
  • If a class that can use a weapon type is not available in PSO2:NGS, then that weapon can not be used until that class is released.


  • In PSO2: NGS, units are protective armor that are invisible. Even units obtained from PSO2 will be invisible in PSO2: NGS.
  • A unit's stats, special abilities, and potentials will be different from PSO2.
  • High rarity units will not be equippable until the character reaches a certain level.


  • Mags in PSO2: NGS will not affect your stats nor aid you in battle. However, their Evolution Device information will be shared from PSO2.

This is what we know so far. Pretty much its like a New Game +