Guess we all wasted our money on pso2...

according to some twitter twats PSO2 coming to other platforms in august.

You know I'd be glad to be wrong here but I still don't believe this is an expansion where you get to keep your gear and everything, but we'll get more info shortly I suppose.



can we change the title now?

@JuggernautGTX basically this. Stop spreading misinformation OP.


This was posted on the PSO2 Discord. If this is the case, and we keep our fashion items, then I'm happy.

That then hypes me up.

Nah. Money spent on something you enjoy is not a waste really. Current problems aside, this explains why the west is trying to reach parity so fast; especially since this plans to be release globally.

@Ranmaru said in Guess we all wasted our money on pso2...:

That then hypes me up.


SEGA shut up and take my money

and to add to this...GUYS we waited 8 years....8 years....and they DID NOT forget about release for NA 2021 - YES BABY

Let's fucking go.

Yeah, it really seems like we're getting the A Realm Reborn treatment, which is good.

It had a very Xenoblade vibe to it with the open world too. While I still hope they listen to current issues people are happening, this at least dispells some of the concerns that they were going to cashgrab and drop NA.

doesn it feel weird that we all were fighting over silly stuff? now knowing what their actual plan is - NOT to milk us players - NOT to close the servers in a couple months....THIS is the plan....ya their plan had some flaws but man im hyped

now what we can do - tell your friends tell your family tell your grandma- upload youtube videos about it - let the world know

Yes, it is silly indeed. We can all be happy together now. (As mushy as that sounds)

Listen, I like this game as much as the next person but there is a saying we use often at work that sums up my feelings right now. "Hoping for the best, planning on the worst." Random snippets from various sources is not really comforting. Maybe a News Post on the front page that addresses all the concerns about what this will be would go a long way.

@JuggernautGTX said in Guess we all wasted our money on pso2...:

doesn it feel weird that we all were fighting over silly stuff?

Not really, no. Some stuff is still a problem, and it's not magically going to stop being a problem. While I'm glad they're showing their (or at least Microsoft's) intentions to keep the NA market alive, I just hope that hype doesn't drown out legitimate current concerns and issues. Microsoft's banking a lot of money on this franchise, so if they don't see a solid return, it might not survive and thrive beyond New Genesis.

I'm excited, yes, but that's all the more reason to keep Sega from going astray in ways that could harm the game's future.