I feel that one of THE largest annoyances (for myself) when starting a F2P online game is the presence of RMT spam constantly firing off in the town square advertising a gold trade site. I was always under the impression that part of PSO2 JP's requirement that you have a cash shop ticket to sell your collected items on the ingame market was an anti-RMT measure so that fresh accounts couldn't just poof into existence and start mining resources to RMT.

Putting limits on shout/yell chat for fresh characters, trade limits, and having a right-click "Report As RMT" > auto-blacklist feature make the game a lot less spam-filled and pleasant.

I apologise if these have been implemented as of JP server's Episode 6 features, it's been years since the game launched, but I would still like to see this given serious consideration and attention when PSO2 NA launches as well, if at all possible.