Why do Urgent Quests?


I have yet to find a decent reason to do them if they aren't awarding SGs or something.

It depends on the UQ, but most of them are more reliable sources for specific weapon/unit drops, specific affixes, or specific badges. All of which are far less reliably obtained doing most other content, as you'd be relying on a rare emergency codes or rare mob spawns to obtain them.

Because they're fun to do and enjoying your game doesn't necessarily mean you need to constantly be rewarded like a rat in a maze?

I do most of them. It's stuff to play and kill time with at the worst. My mentality is that I don't play only for the reward, but for the road to it as well. I'd really like modern gamers to not forget that the "gaming" part of the game is where you are in the field doing things. And the best benefit of modern gaming compared to old gaming is that in these game sessions, you also get to meet other people and maybe make friends with them or do other fun/funny things.

I do it mostly for 13 star drops and other things you can’t get normally. Plus side is meeting other players and seeing how well you stack with the crowd

Because they're fun. I don't like every UQ, and so I skip over the few I don't like doing, but I genuinely enjoy playing the game and fighting and killing and collecting exp even if I'm not getting great item rewards for it.

There's more to the PS- games than just minmaxing, and I think a lot of people forget that because they come from MMOs where all there is to do is minmax.

I think my main problem is during the times when I don't feel like doing whatever urgent is up, that's all anyone is doing. Lately I just want to grind some Ultimate Quests, but that seems like a no go a big chunk of the time, and definitely the case for shafts.

I can't even pretend I'm a minmaxer yet, augments and affixes and etc is confusing because I'm too busy killing things to sit down and really try and understand the stuff I've read.

I just want to zoom around and Techter wand smash tons of things in the face.

Don't mind me. I'm tired and grouchy.

There's a serious content drought right now, on top of a lot of folks being a bit miffed at how Sega has been handling legitimate issues with the game, it's rollout, and monetization. For many, there's not really much to do right now other than dailies and Urgents for fun. It likely won't improve until Episode 4 content deploys, so your best bet is find an active alliance you can convince to do stuff regularly as a group.

One word. Ex cubes

Shi that's two words

There's also the collections folder that needs urgents to complete. While the pets offered are not the greatest thing (DO pick the 10* ones at least once if you want a summoner later), the +30 7 star weapons can be a decent source of weapon exp on the side, and all you need to do is the same stuff you have been doing all this time.

@Rhysticalz Ex-cubes.

Now it's one!


Some UQs or UQ groups drop 7-12* weapons or weapon sources you cannot get elsewhere, making them needed to progress your compendium which earns titles that give damage boosts for each class.