Urgent Quest Time conversion chart

I converted the Urgent Quest chart for players on the Eastern Time Zone. I might go to text only on the next one to make it easier.



I have been toying around with a few versions of this 'schedule' myself.

This is the latest I have come up with: https://arksacademy.com/schedule/

I'm still undecided how best to display the content. At first I imported the schedule from my google calendar but I couldn't get it to convert the times into the local time zone for players in different time zones than myself.

I'm tempted to code the site by hand to better display info like this without using the bloat of wordpress for something so "simple." We'll see what the future holds. 😄

P.S. - The site is pretty bare bones at the moment. Just a project I work on part time for the alliance currently. I hope to eventually add more guides when I have time.

Nice. That's pretty much what I was thinking about on the next one. Since you already have it going I'll use it. I just got tired of missing UQs not realizing it was for Pacific Time Zone.