CAST Physiology questions.

So I've had this thought bugging me for a long while now (Being the roleplay nut that I am). But aside from sight and sound, Would a CAST retain the other 3 senses they would have prior to becoming who they are now, which of course are Taste, smell and touch-

Would they be able to feel if something's hot, cold, rough or smooth just by touching it? Heck, canonically speaking, do they even need to eat or drink (or at the very least, can do so out of luxury.), or is it a case of Gameplay and Story segregation?

Also do they sleep? That might be another question on my mind.

I remember reading that CASTs in Pso2 normally retain just enough organic parts to reproduce (although the child would not be a CAST but from the organic genetics it was conceived with) and their brains are organic.

I think theres plenty of room for variance, after all these are people who had their brains put into mechanical bodies, so theres probably a differing degree of how much is now machine.

I imagine a CAST would need to at least recharge on energy to keep their life support systems going, taking care of their organic brain. Eating food might be possible too, since they could be designed to be able to use organic matter to fuel that.

iirc, some very few CASTs are completely machine. Or pretty much would be. I know Risa/Lisa doesn't even care what her past life was (nor does she really remember), and thus technically would be full machine.

It's not impossible to create organic-looking full-on machines, considering Xiera and Auxiliaries are a thing. It feels like Phantasy Star Online follows the Xenosaga Android (IE: KOS-MOS (T-ELOS isn't an android)) style more so when it comes to such situations.

Lisa doesn't remember her past life apparently becuase CASTs just dont. her being part organic has nothing to do with her own desires or personality and everything to do with an organic brain or part of one inside her robo head.

Xiera is a Hi-CAST who is full AI but it seems those are not common yet.