As above, lately Ive been having pso2 corrupt itself EVERY day. Corrupts when I restart. Corrupts randomly when I leave my pc running.

I made a new WINDOWSAPP folder in my hard drive and at first, when it mucked up I could delete the whole file after claiming it without fear of messing up my pc (as its only entirely used for pso2). However, I HAVE tried just resetting my app and repairing it through the app settings, except it doesnt work.

PSO2 wont launch the client, but its doing SOMETHING as a white bar pops up under it on my start menu. Despite this, it doesnt show up on my task manager. I can no longer claim the files as my own, I can no longer delete the pso2 items (I get told I need permission from me, as an admin, which I am, and have done), and as is standard the windows app store is completely useless as it is incapable of repair.

I havent had these problems much, until 3 days ago when they have been a literal every day occurence. Up until recently, the worst that would happen is my ISP would do maintenance unannounced (I should be emailed first) and midgame I would crash to menu, and it would corrupt. Easy fix, dont play when I have maintenance. Happened twice, and one time it didnt happen at all.

PLEASE for the love of god, release PSO2 on other platforms. EPIC GAMES is more reliable then microsoft, that should tell you how low the bar is set here. I would even settle for Ubisoft or EA.

Also, for some reason Tweaker isn't able to open pso2. Ill try installing PSO2 through the windows store and trying again through normal means, but this is ridiculous. Why is a community build client more reliable then the official one?