PSO2 is getting worse

@Morgothryuzaki Yeah I'm having a similar issue with leveling. But in my case it's worse because I can't for the life of me go try VHAQ with total randoms. I mean, I'm the guy who usually gets the creepy/toxic/belligerent player on the first 3 picks. Usually the creepy sexual ones most of the time. So yeah, I'm pretty closed up on who I play with. 12man is ok because those players usually refrain from doing those things. But in a less populated setting? I keep getting people asking if I'm a girl IRL (even on my damn dude character) and wanting to you-know-what with my you-don't-want-to-know.

...I'm just that unlucky. But that's not a problem with the game. So I just go do my dailies and weeklies and move on slowly. Things will reach their level whenever they want to. I don't care anymore.

@Ophidian1723 Considering what is being released next year...yeah not an issue for me at all. The lack of content will be solved by the rush of content with the episodes catching us up. I generally do not play mmos for a difficult time, but I do get that a very easy game can be boring. Though to me lvling fast =/= difficulty in anyway shape or form.

challenge kinda drops when you play Hero etc. It only gets harder for the older classes.

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Does anyone feel the same way? Everything is so horribly unbalanced to the point where you can max out a class in a day or so, get the best gear possible just by doing dailies, and all the new content (a relative term since it's been out for years on JP) that's added even on the highest difficulty is way too easy and contains no gear upgrades, just a bunch of 10 and 12 stars. Seriously, look at the item log from PD, there are no 13 star items that drop whatsoever. The SG scratch is abysmal, which I won't go into because there are so many other threads and videos dedicated to it, and you can't even chat with people in the lobby because RMT bots spam it up 24/7. The moment you block one, two more show up.

Personally, the only thing that even presents a small challenge is doing an ultimate PUG and that's because the mobs have incredibly inflated HP pools, damage, and are mostly immune to knockbacks. It's not even a particularly fun challenge really, just another long long grind for those 13 star weapons that may take hours if not days to drop.

I'm beginning to see why so many people grind the lobby instead of actually playing the game.

Costumes are the real endgame. However I suspect the population will take a huge hit with the announcement of NGS.

i can't afford any outfit on the market, everything is so fucking expensive

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i can't afford any outfit on the market, everything is so fucking expensive

Its ok, its about to get much worse now.


@FerventPond3601 said in PSO2 is getting worse:

i can't afford any outfit on the market, everything is so fucking expensive

Outfits were fairly cheap when I first joined because Xbox had an exploit for AC, maybe around 100 k for most of the regular outfits you could get SG off of. That ramped up to about 500K to 1 million recently due to the exploit being fixed, though Sega elected not to remove the exploited gains. Now that new genesis has been announced, I'm guessing a lot of people will just go play something else until that's out, so prices will inflate even further. On top of all that, there's the SG scratch. Twice the price, no discounts, and untradeable. Oh, and there's filler crap in there no one would ever want, too.

It's a losing battle.