Having quite a bit of trouble with this quest on hard mode. I have a +35 Slave Rod with a Midia's set, and only Force and Tech maxed (as this is my intended main unless a better sub option comes out), as for build I think it's mostly standard. I don't have photon flare however.

I feel like I'm getting close, with sometimes having a run where both side orbs are broken but I'm still timing out.

I heard a strategy was to burn the boss then dump the AIS beam, but I find this fairly inconsistent where I'm spending a ton of time just trying to get the burns to proc with the Foie-line of techs in the first place, but again even after pulling this off three times I tend to time out; and that's what I consider a good run. (Compared to when I'm stun locked to death stupidly early)

Not to mention because because of how many adds there are PP feels really constrained rarely having a breather to stand still to trigger PP Restorate, meaning I'm spending a lot of time kiting while low on PP until Mag or Conversion comes off cooldown, firing off whatever shots I can towards the boss, and my techs don't seem to down the adds.

Is there something I'm missing? Is my force just not geared enough to handle it? My rings are admittedly barely leveled, and I only recently figured out Circaray set may be better over all; but is that what I need to be able to beat this? Should I just level more classes for the core stats? Or is what I have sufficient and I just need to get good and L2P?

Any detailed insights would be appreciated.

Edit: Okay so finally did it. 8 billion attempts and a large break later. Guess my answer was to just "get good". I'm still curious if my gear , class levels, and ring levels were far too deficient giving me a harder time, and if something like taking Photon Forge would have made this more consistent with the PFBoost to increases status chance. Likely will need Ray set either way for more rings. shrug