Can we get Labeled Blocks for Pso2 Content like JP?

On JP they had blocks labeled for new players, veterans, and by difficulties. B13 on JP was always the block to go for triggers and for endgame content/urgent quests. We don't have that here. Anyway we can get the same labels JP had?

I support this.

I support this, but, just as a heads up, the general discussion section is not really for suggestions. We have an entire section of the forums dedicated to it:

It helps the GM's if the suggestions are posted in the Suggestions forum as they need to collect them and translate them before sending them to the devs in Japan.

Hi guys! I am submitting this feedback to the development team. Thank you for voicing your wishes!

No one really used the blocks that were for anything but the difficulty settings, least not on Ship 2.

Then again those same blocks don't get used much in Ship 1 on NA anyway so nothing would change lol!