[SHIP 1] Shinra Company - Accepting new, veteran, & returning players!

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Would you like to join a Fortune 100 energy firm that wants to change the world using clean-burning, sustainable mako energy? Well, look no further!

We are Shinra Company.

We are looking for bright-minded, fun, and active players to join the ranks of SOLDIER: a completely non-quasi-military group. We do not have any strict requirements except that you should be able to carry a big-ass sword as needed. Members of Avalanche will get preferential treatment.

Alliance Level: 5
Estimated Active Members: 15-20
Discord Available
Daily/Weekly events both in and out of PSO2!

Attack Up: MAXED
Defense Up: 1
Earned EXP Up: 7
Earned Meseta Up: 1
Rare Drop Rate Up: 1

For consideration, please contact us through one of channels below.

  1. Reply or DM me with your Player ID or Discord tag.
  2. On Discord: Dan#5353 or Pease#4833
  3. In-game: D4N or Aqua
  4. Apply to join in game!

The Lifestream thanks you,

Shinra Company - 神羅

I'm looking to join a more active Alliance.

Hey WormyMeat434. I'll be online later today. I asked one of my officers to reach out to you in the meantime.

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Hello! I would like to join!

Hi Boxanu. What is your Player ID?

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alt text Bumparu

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Bump! Ouch!

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I would like to join. My player id is LordHinotama. My discord tag is Hinotama#0300.

Hi Hinotama. I sent you an invite!

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