Shining Scratch ticket? Alright!

I’m so hyped guys. After the massive Sega pack with so many more modern/relevant properties represented I didn’t think they would do an entire pack with such an old property!

I’m not expecting the centaurs or the furries but between the dwarves, elves and humans I’m sure...wait who are these characters? Where’s Max? REFRAIN?

...oh goddamn it.

Sadly this shining series pack is a joke and Honestly i looked through the prize list... No such nostalgia at all.. I mean at least give us a nostalgic arcade cabinet or a piece of dam furniture that gives us the old shining force mini game or something.

Unfortunately the current state of the Shining franchise is whats popular in Japan and PSO2 being a Japanese developed game, this was the version of the franchise that was released there. SEGA of Japan in general seems to avoid the classic series outside of rereleasing them in their usual compilations...

Couldn't even give us the Birdling costume pieces which were released JP side.