Missing campaign items from Mission Play

There was suppose to be 4 items given up to tier 12 and if you did one exchange at the shop

i exchanged for the clarita mag device and before maintenance I was at tier 21

I only received 2 out of 4, mission play 1 & 2 so I'm missing 20 star gems and 1x 100% triboost.

With how late campaign items are given at times, I don't really trust the system to be reliable if this is happening and stuff can easily be forgotten once completed.

I opened a ticket but I'm ready for support to tell me to go kick rocks like usual

I have the exact same problem. Traded for the stealth camo and was up to date on the mission pass. I do notice that the actual page for the event says that the rewards should have been given out an entire month from now (8/19). Maybe we just got half of them early for some reason?

@AiC-L idk

with how long the campaign rewards are sent out, im ready for support to tell me to get bent cause they probably will ask for pics or something stupid instead of having records