A whales perspective on these SG and AC banners, and why they need improvement.

I will start off by saying that I am no stranger to spending money on Gacha games and systems. I will praise that there is a "select ticket" system because that kind of bad luck protection is severely needed in ALL forms of Gacha. With this praise comes a whole lot of grief.

Allow me to outline my major complaints here.

In the Japanese version of the game SG scratch items were limited to story character cosplay things. In NA they have mixed TWO of the SG scratches into one, as well as added in a few AC scratch TRADEABLE items. Furthermore, the SG Fresh Finds shop is now CONSTANTLY having items that were tradeable, AC scratch items. This is a major problem. We are gating the community from getting items that they want, that are arguably very pretty (airy summer dress i'm looking at you!), unless they shell out IRL currency. I understand that MTX are needed for an MMO to have a revenue source, but I cannot agree with SHIFTING what is considered acceptable. The reasoning here is in North American games in general we have FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. This is a thing done in 2k Games, EA games, and other predatory services made by Activision and other major AAA publishers. Look at NBA2k, Fifa, madden. This is no different than those types of systems where the fear of missing out or not having the best things drives sales up. SEGA has always been a family friendly company (from what i know) and has generally been good with community engagment. I know that perhaps partnering with microsoft has skewed the perception from Fun to Revenue.

My feedback for this problem is the following. Stop mixing AC scratch items into the SG shops and scratches. Allow us the same privelege that JP has when aquiring items. It is highly unfair to lock items behind untradeable status. AS SEEN IN THE HOTFIX THAT DISABLED the SG fresh finds because the items were left as tradeable by accident, oops. Stop this predatory behavior. I understand the need to have multiple revenue streams, but this will turn off the NA playerbase. Whales like myself have no problem spending money if things are done right, i will always support a game that listens to the consumer. As it stands, I am pulling back my spending until I see our voices heard. I suggest others do the same. There needs to be a formal response to the issue of locking items away, that never should have been. I want to know directly from the Devs, or microsoft, on why they are doing this. The answer is Revenue, but I am open to hearing otherwise.

This being said, there is another issue, and that is the diluting of the loot pools further than what JP has had as well. The dilution of the loot pool has made it so that people have to spend considerably more to gain what they want. Lastly, please consider reducing the price of SG scratches moving forward UNTIL there is more ways to gain free SG in game. We have no way to farm SG outside of lookbook/titles/story. Thats all we have. Until we have casino SG, there is no reason to have to pay FOUR USD per pull on something that you cant even trade! LET ALONE PULL DUPES!!! Come on Sega. Listen to us. Do better please!!!!

edit: For reference I think im almost 600 or so deep into the game, and have no problem doing so! I just want to see things done better before i support it further. 😛

In terms of weekly SG, we can easily have 40 SG a week from Casino and Challenge Mode can easily be another source for 100 SG a week. That's only 140 SG a week, but would go a long way towards building good faith as we get more content that supports a weekly SG income (PvP in EP4 and Buster Quests in EP5).

In terms of scratches having combined pools, I agree that needs to stop as well. Just run them concurrently; we already know that you can run multiple scratches at the same time. No reason why we need to combine them together.

We are being monetized so much more heavily and aggressively than JP; there is on reason to do that. JP's monetization strategy has worked for years, no reason to change it. There is no market or cultural difference reason that would warrant this type of predatory behavior.

Hi Arks, I've collected your feedback and will be submitting this to the development team. Thank you for voicing your concerns.



Not bad since the games only been out a few months on PC.

My husband and I spent thousands each on Black Desert Online - wish I could take that money back and spend it here instead! lol

I haven't actually spent much on tickets "yet." But I am happy to see some real feedback that isn't covered with an unhealthy does of negativity and pessimism. Keep it coming 🙂

@Bette said in A whales perspective on these SG and AC banners, and why they need improvement.:



Not bad since the games only been out a few months on PC.

My husband and I spent thousands each on Black Desert Online - wish I could take that money back and spend it here instead! lol

I haven't actually spent much on tickets "yet." But I am happy to see some real feedback that isn't covered with an unhealthy does of negativity and pessimism. Keep it coming 🙂

Dude I could finance like two cars with what I've spent on BDO it's terrible and I try not to look at the list where it shows the amounts of kakao cash you've recharged lol

I'm with the OP- there is no value for me to spend money, no incentive.

I want shiny cute outfits but if I have to gamble, PLUS have no way to sell off the excess in the market board and be stuck with stuff.. I'm just not gonna buy. Even BDO lost me with their loot boxes/chests and their abysmal percentages at getting the things I would like.

Even if they had a shop where like, an outfit or hairstyle was two bucks I would actually be more inclined to spend that, totaling the cost of the SG because I hate gambling; I'm too tired of that crap and I'll just take my money elsewhere.

That moment when even the whales aren't happy and voicing out their concerns,you know it got bad now.

I was spending $200 a month since the open beta began, more at the beginning with the add-on packs, until this SG scratch came out. No more. The ability to sell the items I got from the AC scratch was enough to justify spending that much as it allowed me to get those items from the scratch I didn't roll. However, with no ability to do that with SG items, nah, it just got greedy and totally put me off spending any more money.

Personally. I see SG as a reward, an incentive, for playing the game and it should not be something you can buy with irl money.

I'm not a whale but I agree that the SG scratch should definitely not cost this much, at least not with the current state of the game. If there was an in game source to consistently get SG then maybe it would be ok, but with how things are now, think about what amount of SG we get regularly, typically we only 20SG at a time from any source. This means this scratch is worth 4 typical campaign rewards or S ranks on a story quest.

I don't think SG scratches should have even been added until we got a way to earn SG, but if they have to exist, at least reduce them to something like 40 SG. As other people have mentioned I really dislike that these items were the ones chosen for the first SG scratch since they are not trade locked in the JP version of the game. They also would have made perfect sense to have been in a mission pass.

It is also worth noting that when the player base believes the company behind a game is treating them well, the players become willing to spend just for the sake of supporting the game rather than for the item they are buying. A prime example of this would be Warframe, look at where Digital Extremes was when Warframe started and where they ended up as the game progressed. That is what happens a game treats its players well. A game is more likely to profit under those conditions than being stingy like PSO2NA currently is in regards to SG.

SG Scratches should never have been released with the current state of SG, especially when SG scratches were originally released mid EP4 in the JP version.

Doing some math:

If someone wanted the Innocent Ensemble, they would need to get the outerwear that has a 1.0948% chance and the Base and Inner wear (as the inner wear is visible with this set) in the color that they want, with the base wear having a 0.7299% chance and the inner also having a 0.7299% chance. Even if someone earned 30 SG a day from 3 costumes a day for 2 months (~1800 SG), they would not have a good chance of pulling these. Hell, even if they did 40 pulls (3200 SG), they would not have a good chance of getting 2 out of the 3.

Looking at the outerwear alone, the probability of pulling one copy of it within 40 draws is:

1 - (1-.010948)^40 = ~35.6%

So you have a bit over a 1 in 3 chance of getting it within a 40 draw.

If you take into account either the base or inner wear:

1- (1-.007299)^40 = ~25.4%

So the chance of getting 2 out of the 3 in a single 40 pull is:

.356 * .254 = ~9%

That means about 91% of the time, someone is going to have to do more than 40 pulls.

So even if I did somehow grind up to 40 draws, I still am not likely to have the entire set in a matching color (color matters), and even if you accept mismatching colors, the probability, while admittedly better at ~30%, still isn't great as it is ~70% of not being able to get a set within 40 draws. Thus in all likely hood, if I wanted to get a single full matching set, I'd probably have to buy some hundreds of dollars worth of SG.