Some Music Discs - No Music

I got "Shining Hearts", "Windswept Road", "A Song to Reach Your Heart" music discs and registered them to my jukebox, but neither of them plays any music. Anyone else experiencing this? The other music discs seem to work fine so far.

Hi there! Would you be so kind as to submit a ticket to the support staff using the "contact us" feature in the support menu above? This makes it much easier to track issues. Thank you!

Will do! Thanks. Feel free to close this if you'd like as well. I'll reference this post in the ticket too.

I am also experiencing this issue.

Can confirm, these three discs are silent. All the others play as expected.

I submitted a ticket as well, along with a short clip of the bug.

Awesome guys, thank you! Not going to close the thread, since it's good for others to be able to see if anyone else is also having the issue.

Yep, also confirming. I was this a bug?

Same issue. Good to know I'm not going deaf here. Thought maybe relaunching the game would fix it, but no dice.

Confirming: same issue

Confirming same issue for me as well

I'm also having this issue.