Some of the SG Swap posters are still bugged

Great update Sega your really pushing me at this point. These posters cost what 20 fucking dollars and you still haven't fixed them. One of them is invisible and the other says I cant use it because I don't have it. Fix your shit already this bug has been known for a week now and its still not fixed yet you manage to fix the Fresh Finds in under 24 hours. Also 3 of the new AC songs don't work not song plays when used it's just silent.

I think its worse the EP3 Visual Poster B bugs out the personal quarters to infinitely load if placed. Their priorities showing me the same good old "Segac" I know.

Hi guys. Would you be so kind as to submit a ticket to the support staff using the "contact us" option in the support menu above? It's best to have documentation that this issue is still ongoing. Thank you!

@GM-Deynger Tickets have been submitted, please refer to my thread about the issue. I literally spent 100 dollars on the SG scratch to decorate my personal quarters and I am now unable to go into my PQ because of this bug. I am missing out on my housing rankings and my new items I am getting that I can not place in the game. The bug was made aware about a few hours after maintenance and you guys still haven't done anything. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE! THIS BUG IS ACTUALLY GAME BREAKING.

Same as the above I left that invisible poster on the wall assuming it would get patched eventually and now I’m pretty much banned from my own room which is incredibly irritating. I’ve submitted a ticket already and yet it’s been a week and still it’s getting ignored which considering I essentially spent 10 dollars for the poster I’d like the money back for that or the SG equivalent. I mean how hard could it be to fix a poster? Or at least auto unequip them from all the rooms with them and put them in the players storage for them so the rooms can be useable again. I like decorating my room and what not but I don’t see any point on buying these new AC scratch items since a large chuck had rooms decorations I can’t use anyway. Considering the amount I’ve paid for this game thus far I don’t feel like I’m asking for a whole lot when asking y’all to fix those sorts of bugs in a more timely manner. A few days? Fine bugs happen but a week and then some? A little ridiculous especially since y’all just did a major and extended maintenance. Please try to sort this out soon.

@GM-Deynger , do this. It getting ridiculous.

This is the response I got from the support team when I asked for an update about the situation. It is a few days old, but it sounds to me that people spending money on SG and bugging out there ENTIRE PQ is not priority. 856ac83f-e12e-453d-9f20-d629ad445b32-image.png

So Poster from the SG swap shop are still Bugged? pso2 poster bug maybe.jpg

bump, gaming breaking issue needs to be addressed.

Agreed with above. I’m pretty much being punished for spending money on the game which is definitely a novel feeling since it’s usually the other way around with GMs ignoring bugs. Lesson learned I’ll just play without wasting my cash on this game anymore.

They said put in a ticket lol...many of us have. It's been 2 weeks and I still can't get into my pq. As said above, you guys fix FF in under 24 hours but who cares about us right? I've spent hundreds on this game and this really aggrevates me. Asked them to just take poster off my wall and destroy it for all i care, they tell me they can't do Please address this ongoing issue...

There is a fix for the problem, thanks to our community one of your forum members actually was able to fix the issue. Please views the post that I created. issue is posted there. @It-Me-Sweet @Enthessi