>< Forgot to turn in Glory Badges

Title pretty much says it all, but is there any way for me to turn in my badges now that maintenance has finished? Or am i stuck till next july lol?

As much as it sucks, you'll probably have to trash them. Next year it'll probably be "Glory Badge 2021" which would be incompatible with your year-old badges. This is very similar to the anniversary events JP hosts with their own badges. Best case scenario is they add some form of recycle system to turn defunct badges into something useful like maybe unique weapon badges or photon spheres.

Yea, the date for the exchange said it ends 7/22 morning or sometime during the maintenance.

On JP sometimes there's a grace period where you can exchange event badges for another week at the badge exchanger down by the Swap Shop NPC. But on NA, they swap the badge NPC with the CM Milelage NPC and I don't see the badge NPC offering trade for glory badges. Each year/event typically have different badges, unless its like part 1 and part 2 of same event with the exception of yearly weapon badges.

aw man, I knew I forgot something yesterday! They're not usable for other events since they have 2020 in the name?