Game freezing slows down lags

For the past two day I can’t play the game it’s like it frame freezing and then it stay stuck and won’t let me move it becomes very slow I’m on Xbox been playing for a while this just started yesterday I have reset my Xbox it does not help.

Anyone help still can’t play the game it frame freezes and then it freezes

is hard to say what can be the cause with only that info, it can be the console, it can be the game, it can the internet connection.

try to see if the same happens with other games both offline and online games, if the same starts happening in offline games then is possible your console has some issues, if it only happens with online games then it can be your internet connection.

Thanks for the reply it only with this game it started yesterday after that it just freezes fist it slows down then it’s like I’m doing bullet mode in metrix. Then can’t move the character anymore

I'm having the same issue

It only does it with pso not any other game.

And it started doing after this maintenance

Yeah I feel you can’t even play it I’m so pissed