Were theses severs bought from wish?

These servers are god awful.... I cant stay connected for more then 10-15 mins until the game starts shuddering and eventually freezes... iknow it has nothing to do with my internet connection cause I can log in to any other game and have 0 issues it's just this game!!

I'm on xbox... and I hate it cause theres no fixes or tweakers like PC.

PS. I dont care if it's working for you and you have no issues.. just reply if u have helpful opinions or a way I can try to make this work.. cause you telling me that u have no issues doesn't help me at all

No issues on PC, so don't know what to tell you. Unless it is widespread, I hate to tell you but it is probably something on your end.

On the bright side, playing on Xbox at least you don't have to worry about the game deleting itself 😉

Might be a nat issue for the xbox?

Can't say for pso2 but I know fps games like cod tends to tell you if you are having an nat issue on the console.

@ButWhole my NAT is always open I have no issues with COD or any other game just PSO2

@Natural-KaRiZMa game freezing isn't network related, it is either software or hardware.

Since you are on Xbox, your software is not likely to be messed up (small chance that it can be) and seems most likely hardware if it is consistently happening at the same intervals.

@John-Paul-RAGE but I only have issues on pso2.... I can get on any other game and have 0 issues

@Natural-KaRiZMa when it freezes is it the whole xbox or does the game freeze for 10 seconds and then force close?

If it freezes and force closes it might need to be reinstalled or on a different storage. I copied mine to my internal and haven't had any issues since Open beta for xbox.

Couple days ago there were some weird networking issues for me as well, but I'm not on Xbox 😅

In a couple ultimate runs, the game lagged and froze the same way as if I was about to get disconnected, but it just stayed in that lagging position for a few min. Then everything started going back to normal and 7 of the 12 people left the run haha including two of my friends that say they got disconnected.

This happened twice that day

I just want to say that technology can be finnicky AF. Its most likely on your end however,i had issues with FFXIV crashing my computer all of a sudden when it was working fine for years. ANd ofc only that one game would do this. Never managed to figure it out and now on my new rig,it works perfectly fine.