I only get Male costumes...

I mean, I understand RNG and at the end of the day, there are ways to get free SG so I guess I shouldn't complain but dang. I used 6 SG scratches and got 6 male costumes. I will never play a male char so it's kind of annoying, especially since most of the female stuff would fit my character so well. If we can't make tradeable, would be cool if we could at least trade a male to female and vice versa... even if at a rediculous rate at 5 to 1. Any chances of me buying SG to try my luck are totally out the window if I can possibly just get a bunch of male outfits I can't even sell to get something out of it. (and 80 SG a scratch is expensive!)

Welcome to P$O2

@pso2blah I told myself I wouldn't use more SG but ofc I had to be stupid..

Don't do drugs SG scratch

Ah the joys of loot boxes.

I'm sure SEGA thanks you for your donation though.

Do the story mission. I gotten a ton of SG. I do agree the RNG sucks that you can getstuck with stuff you can not even use. Still I turned them in for recycle badges.

At the end of the day can we really complain if a F2P game tries to make a little cash on random cosmetics? If you choose to spend your money on this, you know fully well how it works. So buyer beware.

@pso2blah said in I only get Male costumes...:

Welcome to P$O2

well to add something completly different this time around

what about we make this game completly free - no AC no SG just fun tickets and no people who would get mad

and now how SEGA can make some money:


the player shop is being called - Amazon

we get fashion from adidas nike and so on

emergency announcements always end with "sponsored by kia"

the cafe turns into - Mc Donalds

ofc this reply is just for fun and in no means serious

lol @JuggernautGTX that was a good laugh, i like it. as for the OP... ya, i feel ya. I think i burned through at least 12 scratches before finally got a female piece (though i did get a weapon camo somewhere in there, i didn't care too much for it). Same boat, not a single male character but a ton of junk to turn into recycle badges. I am hoping they eventually give us something a bit more useful to use them on though, as current options are kinda meh. Like maybe as you mentioned a way to get the stuff we did want, though at a slightly higher ratio of course, it would still make a lot of people happier about the items not being trade-able. Would also entice more to actually spend a few bucks here and there if they knew that at least in some way they could get what they wanted, even if it was 10 badges per piece (20 would be pushing it and turn people away again, 5 is more reasonable, but 10 is probably the max without making everyone all angry again... like the now 30 page post about SG tickets in the first place).

Sounds bananas

@VoxNihilii It's not like I knew it would be NT..