Site suggestion: Put up UQ schedules before we're already going through them

Minor issue, but just something I feel is weird.

The most recent UQ schedule we have is , which stops on 7/20. We're most of the way through 7/21 now, and the next two weeks' schedule still isn't posted, and I'm guessing it won't actually be posted until maintenance. So by the first time we see the schedule for 7/21, the day will already be over.

Why not post the schedule for new periods starting on Tuesday on the preceding Monday? The only thing I can assume is that maybe MS/SEGA want to keep the "surprise" for what the new UQ will be, but that doesn't really make sense because this time the Quest Trigger Distribution campaign for 7/22 is already up and it shows that it's going to be the Mining Base with Apprentice (and Profound Darkness was similar). Or if the surprise really does need to be kept, why do the schedules start on Tuesday and end on Monday? Make them start on Wednesday and end on Tuesday, if that's the period they'll actually be useful for.

It's relevant to me specifically for this time period though since I'd like to be able to see when Mining Base: Despair is happening these next two weeks for the S-Rank UQ campaign, and had no idea about today's schedule (but thankfully it seems like there weren't any today). Again though, it's a pretty minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but it just seems like there isn't much reason not to.

Agreed, it's just super weird that not only do we never get to know what's scheduled in the last Tuesday of a cycle but also that Tuesday then gets included in the chart for the next cycle as if to say "Here's what you missed because we didn't tell you before it happened!"

The purpose of a schedule is to let players know so they can make plans. At the very least if Tuesday cannot be conveyed from the JP developers to the NA community team quickly enough to share with us, can't it be left out of the chart?

Agreed, hope for an improvement. Its like they require us to predict un-announced scheduled UQs. What a nonsense 😁