Fresh Finds Store down?

There is currently a problem with the selected function......and I wanted to buy the new sundress too.

Same issue. RIP items.

Seems no one has information on this issue. The game claims to "check player site for details" but the player site has nothing. I'd like to know what the daily items are, if they'll be available, if they're worth getting, or if those of us with jobs and responsibilities are just s.o.l. for not being able to log in at reset time and grab things before Sega shut it down.

Nothing of interest, they have an alternate color for the second outfit on there, but the price is ridiculous. The accessories are pretty weird items that look very awkward or that we have better versions of, friend took a screenshot before it went down if you want to see it let me know.

Just logged in to check on this. It says "There is currently a problem with the selected function. Use is restricted for investigation. Please check the player's site for details."