Game Still deleting it self 7/21 - Information snail pace

@BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY Thank you for the response. I better understand your situation now. I find this issue perplexing.

Permissions seem to be the source of the problem as far as I can tell, but I am not a professional developer so it's out of my league.

I sincerely hope that this issue gets resolved soon, as I imagine it is a frustrating issue for everyone, all around. Being overseas with language barriers isn't making things any easier, either.

Sega has touched on this topic a couple of times in the past few months, they haven't been silent as many claim. But the communication is very limited, unfortunately. Which isn't instilling much hope in NA players.

Despite all this, it seems Sega has invested quite a bit in releasing on various platforms and vendors, so I still have hope and believe there is more going on than we have been told.

I'm playing this game just for 12 days, and during this time it self-destructed 3 times. Game itself is great, but this issue pretty much critical for me, because after spending 12 hours at work, I simply don't have the luxury spending 5-6 hours to reinstal and launch the game. Since for now there is no proper permanent technical solution for launcher and game files currupion issues, a fair share of players can't utilize premium servises and alliance activities to it's full potential. Not to mention some of us, who can't play at all for the time being. Both Sega and Microsoft staff don't look too motivated about resolving this issue. Unfortunately, I can't offer a techinical solution either, but as a person I suggest that we players not spending a singe penny on this game untill issue is resolved. Maybe that will motivate them a little to actually do something. Also, I have a feeling that they might actually ban me for that post.

i wonder...

i have to wonder what would happen if someone attempted to either A.) disable the MSStore or B.) uninstall the MSStore. i mean, of course, after installing the game. there appears to be alternate ways of calling an MSStore app. but i haven't tried this stuff out and don't initially experience these self-deleting issues, so... yeah.

but i do have to wonder is something along those lines could work. just a thought! if you could just some how block MSStore from having write permissions, then that is something that should work. again, just a thought.