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Plus, SEGA doesn't have a presence on the Epic Game Store, not a single game of theirs is there. Steam and MS Store has always been their main PC platforms.

SEGA is releasing Total War Saga Troy exclusively on EGS for 1 year, dunno if that was a SEGA or Creative Assembly decision, but, if I'm not mistaken it's the first SEGA game releasing there.

PSO2 releasing on both Steam and EGS is not impossible (though I wouldn't be surprised if it's only Steam).

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dunno if that was a SEGA or Creative Assembly decision

Creative Assembly technically no longer exists. They were merged into Sega Europe in 2005

@Mattwo7 Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive, Relic Entertainment, Amplitude Studios and Two Point Studios still exist as separate studios, even if they all belong to SEGA, and they all have some levels of autonomy (though I have no idea how far that autonomy goes).

@Ezodagrom Doesn't matter, publishers are the ones who decide where a game gets published. It's kind of in the job description.