Tired of aggressive and childish players

Greetings, before I begin I want to apologize for my bad English, not my native language. I've been playing PSO2 for the last 2 months, so far I love the game I really enjoy the content it has and I'm very excited for what is coming next, but the downside is some people into this community that make the game sometimes a very bad experience.

So far I found disgusting how widespread is this thing about Lewd Symbol Arts, especially at the concerts in the Shopping Plaza, I think this is a T rated game for sure, but it looks more like an M rated one because sometimes it looks like a hentai/pornographic show. The solution is to disable the Symbol Arts, but the thing is, why I have to disable a neat function of this game because some people don't have common sense?.

Other problems are these aggressive players that don't think twice before begin insulting people in public chats all the time, like the time I was in an ultimate quest and the party leader decided to leave the instance and drag the entire party with him out when asking him why? he only said to screw ourselves (with more harsh words) and don't bother him, I mean a simple apology would be enough but not, always the aggression towards others and like this example, I have many, many more.

The lack of answers from GMs in-game, I play FFXIV since the Closed beta (that's almost 7 years) and in that game every time you send a report about a malicious player a GM contacts you IN-GAME to ask you for more detail about the case and to let you know that an investigation will be taking place, here in PSO2 I had written a couple of reports about some Malicious Players in the Support Website and so far nothing from Sega, a private message, an email, nothing. I'm not asking them for punishment towards those malicious players, I only want to know if they (Sega) even care about how trash some players behavior is in the game and to see if something is going to happen.

I'm not going to get into detail about how many times I've been insulted or have some kind of argue in this game in the last 2 months but is becoming annoying, not even playing in Xbox Live for the last 12 years or in FFXIV the last 7 years or even some other free to play MMOs I have encountered so many aggressive and childish players like here and if you wonder I'm 39 years old, a long time gamer in many platforms and games.

I hope Sega begins doing something about these issues because PSO2 is a game that deserves to be known for things like an amazing community, great gameplay, nice characters, etc. and not for things like toxic childish players.

Thanks for your time.

The symbol arts have been deleted, so they are working on that. I don't think a GM needs to respond to every report in-game to acknowledge it was made, and they do so already here with support tickets. (Correct me if I'm wrong) If you want a comment from Sega of Japan, I say you'll have to hold your breath. Yet, I do say keep reporting, that helps. I am sure they are working behind the scenes. Yet at worst, it is best to be neutral.

Nooo not the symbol arts :(.

common sense? in the internet? yeah that died a long time ago, the symbol art will always gonna be a problem even in Japan that still happens but much less frequent but is to be expected to happen when people has freedom to do any art they want there.

about the communication I gonna say that FF XIV is the exception of that, most of the games don't communicate when you make a report unless is something serious

Yea Squeenix was always a lot better about GM action going back to FFXI where GMs would directly interact with reported players. Blizzard used to do this in the early days of WoW and both games had a jail (I think WoW's was on the now gone "GM Island" which I thought had been removed a long time ago but was actually removed in the middle of BFA but it definitely hasn't been used in years anyway) where GMs would send players as a punishment.

I totally get you with regards to the aggressive/childish behavior part. While I haven't personally had such experience in this game, I know a few that have had their bouts with elitists, trolls, and others lol

Let's not forget, however, that it's really just some person with a little too much time on their hands on the other side of the screen. It's not like they can attack you directly haha. Sure it may hurt a bit at first, but it's something to be expected from an online game 😅

Just walk away from that nonsense--like, what are they gonna do, message you to death? 😂😂

@Albert said in Tired of aggressive and childish players:

Just walk away from that nonsense--like, what are they gonna do, message you to death? 😂😂

Follow you in-game and harass your space. (At least, in the lobby)

PSO2 JP is rated CERO D 17+ meaning for PSO2 NA it's rated M not sure why it's not listed on there website.

@animeregion said in Tired of aggressive and childish players:

PSO2 JP is rated CERO D 17+ meaning for PSO2 NA it's rated M not sure why it's not listed on there website.

PSO2NA was rated by the The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), PSO2JP was rated by CERO on their own without IARC's involvement and they aren't affiliated with IARC like the ESRB is. Not to mention the bump to CERO D was a recent thing for content we don't have yet. Either there's cultural differences involved, the height slider actually does somehow have something to do with it (doubtful) or IARC will change it back to M later.

ESRB doesn't rate Microsoft Store content on their own btw, they outsourced that job to IARC.