Quality of life?

So these 3 suggestions do not have anything to do with my many issues with Alliances being ignored. I was just thinking that they would be cool if not helpful, to the gaming experince.

Ability to CHOOSE/LOCK which Block you start off in.

If that Block is full, it will take you to the next one. I tend to jump blocks anyways, but there is a certain block that I run all my alliance/friends/family meetups. Sadly my block was removed with the last update.

Ability to equip Multi weapon camos at the same time. I love the Autumn Breeze camo. I use it for everything. But I do like the blue sweaper for my lance, the long bow camo, and a few other ones. I feel it would be nicer to set weapon camos, per weapon so we can pick and choose how the weapon looks regardless of whatever camo can be multi use. (I am aware of the transpass.)

Ability to cancel reviving a player with a moon. We all been there. Yes there are micro second reactions that let you cancel, but a simple cancel b button press would be nice.

My favorite quality of life improvement would be for NA to actually update their schedule in advance instead of 3-4 days late. Currently it's the 22nd and we still only have urgent schedule up to the 20th. They do this everytime and there's just days of void where no one knows the schedule for a few days.

On top of that- it would be extremely helpful for scratches if you're saving up to use a bunch of SG or AC at the end of a banner incase the new banner has something you'd rather save and use instead- nope fuck you- you don't get to see whats in the next banner or hear about it's release to look it up on JP until 2 days after it's already released.. It's almost like they want you to feel bad for bulk buying into banners. I wish NA had better support and a little bit of commonsense but they're just... bad..

It's almost like- due to Sega of JP deving the game and refusing to talk to western support/PR- that western support/PR is in the exact same place as us in that they have to wait for the scratch to drop to see that it dropped and whats in it before they can officially announce it on the site. I know this isn't the case but there's clearly a huge problem with Sega of JP deving for the NA release and being unable to communicate with us. Or the game would not be in the state that it is in