[Ship 3] Kaleidoscope- A small semi casual alliance that's focused on just being cute and enjoying the day by day of the game. EST focused.

Name: Kaleidoscope

Leader: Hanakotoba

Manager: BlazeLatias

Type: Semi-Casual/Light progression Focus/Having Fun

Active Timezone: EST/CST Almost mostly do a lot of irregular logins~

Alliance requirements: Despite being a semi-casual alliance we are looking for players that are 100% or close to ready for Episode 4’s Launch so we can all partake in the content together. Our alliance consists of both NA players new to PSO2 and some jp vets so anyone is welcome as long as you meet the above requirements. If you are looking for a social alliance and like PSO2 you will be more then welcome to join!

Our alliance consists of 5 players currently so were small but all of us are more than happy to help out and play together whenever we all get the chance to do so.

To clarify all you really need to be ready for Ep4 with us is to just have a few capped classes so you can do XH content with the rest of the alliance outside of that you don’t really need anything special.

If you don't we have members that don't mind lending a hand to help, the most important part about the game is having fun after all.

If you are looking for small, but warm group feel free to contact me on discord Hanakotoba#6391~


With EP4 here, here's hoping some new faces wanna see a friendly group~

i love to join , my ingame name is akane hirose nice to meet u