Flinch / Knockback resistance?

All of my meseta for something to keep me from constantly getting tossed around like a rag doll that isn't a cooldown.

Is there such a thing? Trying to charge a tech in the middle of anything is infuriating sometimes.

I know when you use a PP Up drink it will sometimes give you knockback resistance. I'm not sure about any other ways to get it though.

Slave weapons have a built in knock-back shield when you take damage and proc the ability of you slave weapon. Some PA's in the game have some call "Super-Armour" and Guard Frames that cant be knocked out of a certain PA or will Guard the damage received . Here's a link to a website that shows what PA's have super armour etc. https://sites.google.com/site/pso2db/home/weapons/swords/sword-pas

Gotcha, so basically Hunter's Physique is all I've got. I guess I'll hone my skills at being useless and standing as far away from everything as possible for 45 seconds at a time.

Really amps up the fun factor watching my character do a bunch of somersaults around the map.

@Furious As a Tech user, typically a fully leveled Tech Parry ring gives you more than enough i-frames from the front to deflect attacks while you charge a Tech, even while you are in the fray (just keeping in mind that it only works when you are using Rod, Talis, Wand, or Jet Boots).

I'm starting to learn to use techs but I feel I can give a tip or two. I'm NOT a pro at all but I've had a positive performance so far with the tech classes. See, my alt Summoner (whose primary job is to level up said tech classes) just reached 75, and I switched to it's secondary Force class. Now I'm maining Nazonde or whatever is called (the self centered ball of lightning that you can mash the button for more damage). When people are around, I use a Talis to cast stuff. But when alone, I use a staff. In combat, I look to position myself by climbing things and generally staying above a certain height, as I've had much more success at it when using that height advantage. Many many MANY attacks in this game are ground based, so you should be avoiding most of it when going high.

As for the charging itself, if you are on the ground, or actually wherever you are, WALK. Move around. Don't ever stay in one place even if moving at a snail's pace. Charging while standing is pretty much asking for a kick in the nads. Yes, you will still be kicked once in awhile. You will get dropped back to the ground as well. And that is why you should also watch enemy movements and learn their attack patterns. Planning ahead is part of being a tech user. It's called an "Advanced" class for a reason.

Anyway, doing these in the few days I have played force, I have been able to do at least my SH dailies without dying, and most of the time I can throw full charge techs at mobs without having to use anti flinch/KD stuff. So yeah, put your mind to it and you can do it, while saving your ring slots for better things or whatever.

Hunter's Physique ring (that's in this version right?) is your best bet combined with a grinded Tech Parry ring. At +20 Tech Parry you get enough guard-frames (I think 0.5 seconds?) when charging a tech to cover most of your charging, but it'll still only block 1 attack per charge so you gotta be careful when lots of stuff is flying around.

@Furious said in Flinch / Knockback resistance?:

Really amps up the fun factor watching my character do a bunch of somersaults around the map.

Actually, you do have another tool in your arsenal. At a certain level... 30 I think? - one of the free skills all classes get (But you do need to unlock it on your skill tree, near the top), is called 'Air Reversal'. Whenever you get launched or knocked backwards, if you hit jump before you hit the ground, you'll land on your feet instead of getting knocked prone.

It does however take a lot of practice, but eventually you'll build up a reflex for it.

@MisterJaySnek Tech Parry is 0.6 seconds, and it blocks multiple hits, but only from the front.

I also just noted and started playing with a Force skill (sorry Techers you don't have it) that allows you to actually store your charge by using evade. So you can start charging, and if you see an attack coming, you evade and whatever charge is stored. If the charge wasn't complete, you have the option to keep charging to full. You can use this to pre-store a charge while in safety, then unload at mobs when able. You can also use normal attacks and even chain a perfect attack into the stored tech.

Again, this is exclusive to Forces and I'm baffled there's no ring that does the same for other classes.

Half my problem is being TE/HU, so I'm in the fray. There's a lot of charging of (don't hate me if I get the names wrong, but... AOE wind thing and dark thing. Zanverse and Megiverse? Let's go with that.) Zanverse and Megiverse, usually when I'm right next to Ultimate boss bad guys.

Not to mention just the (again... Lightning vacuum. Zondeel?) general Zondeel spam and everything getting sucked up behind me, then getting slapped around as I try and turn to hit everything I just gathered up.

It seems I spend half the time trying to drop Zan and Megiverse just to get punted away, and sometimes it really starts to irk me.

I don't know jack all about augments and affixes, but whatever and whenever that 3k hp one comes out, I might seriously consider trying to gear for it.

@Furious From what little I have learned of the tech classes, I have a few things I do different with those techs you mentioned.

First, I feel you don't need to charge megiverse. The uncharged version can fully refill your bar in one or two normal attacks or a quick follow up tech. At least that's how I used it on my bouncer (who I reversed recently from Bo/Hu to Hu/Bo and still get to use the skill) and now on my Force. My time with Zanverse wasn't too productive. Not sure about others, but the damage increase wasn't that stellar considering the risk of not just charging, but having to stay in a general place while trying to charge yet another skill for actual damage. Zondeel, the lightning vacuum, I feel it's best used from a thrown Talis, and only on non boss mobs to group them (unless there's a boss that can be pulled by it?). Most of the time it doesn't even need to be fully charged either.

For mobbing, I'm preferring Gizonde. It does fair damage and can hit a good bunch of enemies. Nazonde is my main damage source. I use it mostly centered on myself when soloing (and at the full height of a double jump), and thrown from a Talis when in a team of actual players. Yes, you are a complete sitting duck while maintaining it, but that's why I advised before to check mob and boss patterns.

As for HP, I'm doing SH expeditions full solo (no NPCs) with just around 630 HP (level 56), and I'm not dying unless I really derp.

@AndrlCh said in Flinch / Knockback resistance?:

@MisterJaySnek and it blocks multiple hits, but only from the front.

That must be a recent change (i stopped playing on jp when wow classic came out) so that's news to me. That's awesome.

@Furious my experience with melee techer is don't vacuum up dangerous mobs unless hunter physique is ready. However, once crafting comes you can extend the reach of your zondeel and combined with territorial burst, you shouldn't need to spend time charging it to get decent reach, giving enemies less time to wind up attacks towards you. If you have decent armor (brissa or better) and invested in physique, flash guards and keep deband up, it takes a lot of pounding to take you down.

My friend swears by Tech C Parry, and I totally agree lol. With a bit of practice in good positioning, you can get your techs off pretty easily against most things. Hunter's Physique is nice, but I'd learn to rely on that ring haha since there may come a time where a Hu sub isn't as good.

A good positioning trick for melee techters is dash attack after zondeel (dash to a better/safer spot, then attack in the enemy direction) so you can get some good thwomps in for another zondeel cycle. Actually, I guess it's not really even a trick, more like a survivability maneuver lol

Try a PP UP drink! It will help