Urgent Quests : VR or anything very similar to it

Virtual Reality Urgent Quest has players running around eliminating an initial spawn at specific areas on the map and then gives an objective/trial to do to get quest points in order to progress to 500 to spawn Chrome Dragon and Gemini.

However, sometimes the trials/objectives will not happen after clearing out a spawn point and this could happen repeatably in a row and this is simply wasting players' time and potentially preventing them from getting the highest number of runs they could get in.

EX: They could spend up maybe up to 10 to 15 minutes in only one run... where they could fit 2 runs into that time frame

Virtual Reality Urgent Quest also has a time limit of 30 minutes just like every other Urgent Quest where players can join in so every second counts as it could make or break players getting another run in up to maybe four or five runs or only getting three runs.

Basically... this suggestion is to just have it so after every wave/initial spawn, trials/objectives have a 100% chance of happening instead of forcing players to hope for the best and run around the map killing till a trial/objective happens to progress through the quest points.

A majority of players imo are doing VRUQ for the items/badges in the end and there are only a limited amount that drops...

All players should always be able to get a minimum of FOUR runs in if they have started precisely at the beginning of VRUQ. It's a bit ???? when players could only be able to run three or even two runs in if it takes 10 or 15 minutes respectively just because trials/objectives refuse to occur for that mpa, multi party alliance, to progress.

@GoldBird8956276 Yes sometime 'objectives' will not up the next spawn point. It's just a 'little bug or server delay' that SEGA try to fix it.BUT trust me now it's better then 'before'

Because atleast it still 'Random' New spawn point in the Map,although it have little delay. Better then before It's "Stuck"!!! and not have anything happen. It's just Stuck and player must 'Re quest room' to fix it.

But if you want it must 'Stay in point and wait spawn kill' not go any where. It's will bad for 'Map designer and builder Team' that they use time to make it for player will go around and see. And they just want you to use 'Boost Speed Circle' to Run. It's gameplay system that will come in EP.4 Map and it help you for do 'Future UQ' a lot.

But don't worry It will have quest for you too.That just 'Stand and Wait monster Spawn and Kill' It's Call "Bonus Key Quest" that it's easy for Farm EXP and "Time Attack Quest : Harkortan"

BUT if you want All players should always be able to get a minimum of FOUR runs. I think "It's must have many of factors like : 12 player have a good weapon,or 12 player must have Team work to do Dmg" to do like that.

Because I know it will good for 'New player' to get EXP.But it do game so 'Easy' to play and Not have 'Challenge'.And I think SEGA will not build the 'game like that' too. (Although in JP server at now,They nurf all and make UQ for player can do 'Solo' it. It make game very fck Easy for new player to play.But at the same time it have new Challenge come for 'Old player' too.)