(Spoilers) Just a Question about Profound Darkness...

In the part where you fight Persona, how does the Party Wipe time limit there work? Do you lose more time when you take damage or only lose time when you take damage?

The HP of Persona is shared among all players in the quest, even though everyone fights it 1 on 1.

The time does not change when you take damage during it, you just might get hitstun.

If the phase takes too long, then you face the party wipe nuke.

If for some reason the timer DOES go down when it hits you, then it isn't enough to really notice, and isn't of any consequence unless you are trying to solo it. In that scenario there are some clever alternatives.

@SuccubusAlice I'm fighting him by myself in story mode. Actually now that I think about it the countdown goes a little too fast for my taste. Almost like I have 30 seconds or a minute....

Edit: He's level 74 by the way.

@Guilrel It's 45 seconds. It's a damage-check, so if you can't deplete that phase's HP in that time, it is just a matter of needing to improve your gear or change your strategy.

@AndrlCh said in (Spoilers) Just a Question about Profound Darkness...:

@Guilrel It's 45 seconds. It's a damage-check, so if you can't deplete that phase's HP enough, it is just a matter of needing to improve your gear or change your strategy.

Or using one of the two methods to survive it, although more in the context of the solo urgent rather than story.

I'm under the impression that the Story mode version of it is weaker than the urgent version by just a little bit. But as far as I know the fights are still pretty much the same.


Well, that's pleasant. Since this is a damage check I guess I don't need to worry about avoiding his attacks too much if I use Hunter Physique with that Lighting Espada stealing health from him.

@Guilrel If I recall correctly, the Persona phase of the fight actually doesn't have an elemental weakness, so Lightning Espada's potential won't work during it.

@AndrlCh I'm pretty sure it does, since the fight normally takes about 10 minutes I can try to check before the urgent one shows up.

@Guilrel Unless it happens to be different in Story Mode, every video I can find (both JP and NA) and info source I checked show that the Persona phase does not have any elemental weakness. And, seeing your other thread, as you are a Hu/Bo, and if you are using Elemental Stance, this would also explain why you aren't getting in as much damage as you need (in fact, sub-classed Break Stance might not even work since that phase doesn't count as "breakable" as far as I know).

@AndrlCh Yes you're right, I just got back from fighting him in both versions and found that he has no real weakness. What's keeping me from getting enough damage is trying to figure if I need to use a Break Stance or not ( I never bothered with the Elemental Stance), since sometimes it does do more damage but other times it doesn't so it gets confusing. So I may be better off not using Break Stance, so the other problem is the guy moving around and I may have to rely on luck at that point.

At least my mystery of the time limit is more or less solved.

@Guilrel Being honest, being a Bouncer sub is probably what is holding you back as it is one of the worst subclasses in general. Fighter is overall the best sub for Hunter, but if you do want to be able to use Techs, then your best option for a sub is Summoner. I'll just leave this link to some info about Summoner vs Bouncer as a Hunter subclass for you to take a look at and consider.

@AndrlCh Well, I have been leveling Summoner on the side in case this happens. But what I think also happened because of the way my skill tree for those classes are set up. Either way, this may be something that I actually have to change if I want to beat it without relying on Iron Will.

Happy to report that I finally managed to beat the Profound Darkness with the current abilities and equipment. Turns out I just really need to avoid that stunning attack, and Break Point does more damage for me thanks to what I did to it, although I still should've put points into its criticals rather than evasion when I was being a Bouncer to get EX-Cubes.

@Guilrel I know I'm late to the party, but if yer doing that on Hardcore, you can skip that phase by purposefully wiping and using the scape doll AFTER the phase ends and just continuing as normal, provided you didn't use a scapedoll before in either fight.