PS3 controller? Anyone have any input since pso2 doesn’t? Haha

Sorry if this is in the wrong place or if there is something that was plain and I missed it, BUUTTTT... Has anyone else done anything with a ps3 controller? Currently all I have and arthritis prevents much play with Kb&m. Do I need something like motionjoy for this or does ds4 work with ps3 controllers as well? I have Windows 10 which I think has some native ds4 drivers as it works everywhere else that should work with ps3 controller. But like everyone else it seems to set up fine but no input is ever received by the game. Granted I know most seem to be using ps4 or Xbox pads(would even a generic 360 work?) but didn’t see anything concerning ps3.

Thanks to whoever for reading this wall of only mildly coherent text, and hopefully someone has had more success than me lol!

I have both controllers and so far I can't make then run with PSO2 unless I start messing up with the drivers to recognize then as a 360 controller, if you don't mind doing that it will work, if not then wait the reason why they don't connect to the game is because Xbox interface is connected to the game and the interface doesn't recognize Sony controllers directly

@Jamesmor I don’t necessarily mind messing with drivers, I am just a bit more clueless than I would like to be. I got the DS4windows and whereas the site it sends me to recognizes my controller the ds4 doesn’t for some reason. Just sucked cuz it’s always been a plug and play controller. But yea if you have any idea what drivers I might need to mess with I’m down to try. Have been playing PSO since I got Ep1 and 2 in a bundle for GameCube as a kid and this has made me drool for 8 years. But sadly kbm days are behind me for any length of time playing.

Edit: Also it’s not a Sony controller, it’s a Rock Candy and has stick configurations like a Xbox controller, it’s odd but has always seemed to be like a hybrid that connected with everything lol.

well you can use DS4Windows, I don't know until what point it can work but is the best program to change the drivers of the DS4 into a 360 controller