Encountered a toxic player who has threatened to get his alliance to mass report me for no reason?

Good afternoon fellow Arks!

Long time lurker but I feel compelled to make a post as I have encountered a really toxic player who has threatened to get his whole alliance to mass report me for no reason, and I feel it necessary to document it here in case anything does happen to my account via a blatant misuse of the system.

Long story short, I was running VHAQ with some randoms when I encountered this dude, all seemed well (Even randomly traded party hats with the dude pre-quest lol) until he started rudely ordering one of the lower level players around, so rudely that the player left. He then proceeded to talk smack about him, to which I called him out for being toxic.

The quest ended, I left the party and a few minutes later I get a whisper from the same guy talking about how he's getting me mass reported, to delete my account, "I'd avoid me if I were you" etc etc.

So now I'm at this point. I'm a mainly solo player, completely loving the game and the community and have literally just got the last class I needed to 75 🙂 and don't really want all that hard work going to waste over one guy and his toxicity.


TLDR: Called a guy out for being toxic, he whispers me after quest saying he's getting his Alliance to mass report me for no reason.

Edit: Here is a separate thread from a different user talking about the exact same guy https://forum.pso2.com/topic/6311/ship-2-s-1-ranking-alliance-everybody/2

I hope you report him for harassment. Also, read this thread: Support Ticket Guide. Report them through there as well, and also go to their gamercard, and report them through there. Cover your bases, and I hope all goes well.

@Ranmaru Thanks for the assistance Ranmaru!

I'll make sure to do so however I'm not sure how to report them in game, I can only see that option for nearby players.


Any time, and good luck.

First, censor the names. Second: It's the same alliance.


First: There’s two separate threads about this same person.

Second: It’s the SAME USER - Check the pastebin in the other thread.

@TINPAN22 Have you reported him already? He seems massively problematic and this entire community would greatly benefit from having this individual removed from the game

@HopingDragon283 I have and I totally agree! When there’s two separate threads talking about the exact same guy it really speaks volumes.

Wow that guy is having a big power trip just because his alliance is rank #1. He must not have a lot going for him irl. SMH.

He reminds me of that DHG guy that was banned from the forums about a week or so ago. Same mentality. Although, DHG on Xbox, is a known guild of trolls, ( as they all place DHG before the rest of their name) and a** hats. This dude would fit right in with them, as he clearly has something far worse than an elitist attitude. At least an elitist would have the common decency to drop the topic after everything was said and done, and wouldn't be so childish as to threaten false reports on an account.

Yup, I would just block/report and then ignore. Sucks that he's making the community look bad in front of new comers.

@KingCuong8823 Well I'm not really a newcomer as I've been playing since the PSO days, however I definitely agree, it's not a good look.

Yeah. Thank you for standing up for the new players and against toxic players like that dude. I wouldn't even be worried about being reported. They can report thousands of time and nothing gonna happen.

That Alliance is run by the leader who educates their members to talk down to people who aren't good in their book. Even refusing to join their alliance, you'll expect some derogatory terms thrown at you.

First off nothing wrong with being a forum lurker who reads but doesn't post. Its effectively the norm these days it seems. The fact that you spoke up about such a negative experience is all that really matters here so don't worry about that.

So while its not against the rules to be "Elitest" this particular character does seem to indeed be "Toxic" in the worst sense of the word. Also its worth noting that while the Terms of Service do state your not allowed to call the player out by name screenshots are a loophole in this rule as its a repost of the content you have paid for in some way or another and as such they cannot censor it under the wording within their Terms or else it would become a violation of use rights as the way in which they have worded it does not specifically call out or state the use of screenshot content from their own game used in this very specific fashion which you as a user are entitled to share. If that was a rule no one could ever share a screenshot with a player name. Which as you can see from their official twitter they do infact allow. Not even to mention the plethora of other boards. Generally speaking the only way they could do that is if you had violated a rule. Of which posting a screenshot is not in anyway a violation. If you had listed his actual name in anyway then you would have been. Loop holes work both ways unfortunately. If I'm mistaken I'm sure an Orange Name Tag will correct this and quote the proper section of the Terms that coincides with that topic matter. They are pretty good at that around here from what I have seen.

As for personal opinion on this player if you asked him to stop messaging you and he continued beyond 1 message after which you did not respond with anything other than "Stop sending me messages please" or something to that effect then you can report them for harassment and would encourage you to do so because that is absolutely incredible that your saying he threatened to get you mass reported. You can report him for abuse of the report system as well in that specific instance. Though I doubt they will act on the second report since reports on discord do not in anyway relate to PSO2 and as such it would be to expensive for them to bother going outside their own platform which is a shame since that guy sounds like a major scumbag.

If you are looking for people to group with without having to deal with people like that there are plenty of clans and player groups both in-game and on discord that are very welcoming. I have my own little merry band of misfits who enjoy PSO2 for instance. Just drop a line to one such group and find some people you can play with so you don't have to risk PUGs with a bad attitude like that guy. If you'd like to get in touch with me to join our group just pop into Our Discord and say hello. Reply here first though so we know who is who since we keep fresh joins locked to filter out players like the one you encountered.

TLDR: So while its not against the rules to be "Elitest" this particular character does seem to indeed be "Toxic" in the worst sense of the word.

Heres a comforting thought... If this guy has a guild that's willing to mass report for him then why is he playing alone taking PUG players ? He is probably just blowing steam and has no one to group with because of his attitude. Take some solace in that.