Understanding Skill trees help?

I bought a new skill tree for bouncer I want to use to further maximize some poor skill point choices I made earlier, I used AC. Do I need to buy a Swap pass (the one that costs SG) to use it? If so I did purchese one and I thought I switched it but I still have a blue check mark by my first skill tree.

You switch between extra Skill Trees for free from the Class Select menu; when you go to select a class (either as your main or sub), an option to pick which tree to use will pop up. The SG Swap option allows you to transfer the extra skill tree to a different class (clearing it completely out in the process).

@AndrlCh Makes sense ty


Look on youtube for skill trees. I recently re-did all the skill trees for my 5 characters, and my damage an synergy is all now proper. My force is still a bit low i think compared to what i've seen on youtube.

Unfortunately skill trees look like they have options, but really..just copy one to a tee and enjoy the extra ability and damage.

Forces, bouncers, and fighters are affected the most in my experience.

PS- the damage for fighters...WOW (fists are amazing)

For the record, Bouncer is one of the classes in the game where you will get enough skill points to maximize both jet boots and soaring blades path. There is no reason to ever maximize the raw stats skills so as long as your ignoring those bouncers can easily have both boots and blades at their max potential with one skill tree.

on JP the max lvl is 95 and the max SP is 109 points. so in NA you won;t be able to do that for awhile but you will eventually be able to do it.

Edit: Here's my JP skill tree for my Bouncer, it focuses on both boots and blades and it gives you exactly enough skill points to do it. In case you wanted a closer look.

Boots and Blades JP skill tree