Will switching to an SSD help with the lobby lag on xbox

Lately I've been having nonstop lobby lag where the game is unplayable. And it's getting annoying. Cause I spent so much on this game!!

I was just wondering if I was to get a SSD will it reduce the lobby lag. I know they will still happen but hopefully it doesnt happend where the game is unplayable.

I'm on xbox one S (waiting on day 1 Series X)

NO... lag is due to connection. so if you are using wifi to connect to game use hard line instead. if you have choppy internet then it is due to your internet.

SSD will only help with loading and booting, what you are facing is connectivity issues and that can be affected by several things so the best you can do is putting a hard line connection to your console with the router/modem, if is not possible to do that and you are using wi-fi then get the console close to the antennas of the wi-fi.

I think he means visual lag and not network lag. Probably changing some graphics settings would help that or upgrading to an Xbox One X.