Glory badge’s after event

So what are we to do with the glory badges after the event is over ? Is there a reason to store them or should I trade them in for rising weapons badge 2 ?

I have all the items from the event and I traded enough in to get the ray units and still have over 1000 glory badges left

I am going to trade them all for rising weapon badges. Not sure if glory badges will be useful beyond this event, though.

I'd recommend trading them for rising weapons badges. The "Weapon Badges" will eventually get changed into a single weapon badge type as a new yearly weapon badge is released. Unless SEGA doesn't plan to do that like they do in JP.

20 mins till maintenance. If you plan on trading in your badges or buying things with them, best do it now before maintenance kicks in.

Spend all your badges, and eat enough pie to have 2 hours of triboost before server close. The boost will carry over.

I almost forgot to trade in my Badges; luckily seeing this thread reminded me to do so.

I didnt realize the Berry Pie 2hr thing carry over. =D in time for PSO2 Day ulti grind

what do we do with the badges after the shop is gone