FORMING LIKE4LIKE GROUP, GET 380SG for hitting 2k lookbook likes

you can get up to 380SG, by hitting 2k likes, and it’s completely free. While 2k sounds like a lot, if we can get at least 30 to participate, everyone will hit 2k before the SG scratch finishes, and the more people that join the faster everyone will hit 2K.

I plan to organise a group chat for anyone that’s interested. You don’t have to worry if you already have a group chat, as you can have multiple ones, and it won’t be used for chatting, but a convenient way of organising everyone’s that interested into a single place. It will then only take 5-10mins a day to work through the list.

I would like to get people that can at log on at least 5 days a week, to send their likes out to others people in the group, and that you’re willing to make that commitment till the SG scratch finishes, so as many people and possible can get to 2k before scratch finishes.

If anyone is interested, just post your GT on here, or send me an invite, with a message that you would like in, and I’ll get you added. GT: Ten Square 3,

@TEN-SQUARE-3 Yeah, these spam posts that promise random rewards for likes, aren't popular on Xbox Live, so why on God's green earth, would you think that it would fly here?


What are you on about? How is this a spam post, first time I ever posted anything like this. It’s from a general desire to try and get as many SG as possible and help has many people as possible along the way. If people aren’t interested then fine, they’re not interested. So seriously chill the hell out

Edit: it’s not random rewards its how the lookbook system works.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 Oh, so in game likes. Still kind of the same type of post seen on Xbox Live, spammed everywhere. The like4like, like for like, type of posts are not something you should be emulating. That's my opinion on this at any rate.

As for gaining star gems for it, to my knowledge, that isn't how it works. You get Star Gems as a once off for the first time, during the opening missions in your mission log, which are equal to Destiny bounties. Character likes only grant you FUN, and the rate is limited per day. Even if you could get SG for this, it would likely be seen as an exploit by those in charge of the game, and would likely result in a ban, as the likes aren't genuine, they are farmed. If this is your first MMO, I suggest you read into how bans are handled on most MMO styled games. Because unlike single player games, anything that is manipulated by the player base, in ways unintended by the developer, results in it being patched out, or bans handed out, or in some cases, both. Either way, this doesn't seem wise to me.


Yes in game, and they are title rewards, you get at 1, 10, 50, 300, 800, and 2000. They are one of rewards as well, so you can’t exploit them. Has for the Like4like it’s the only way I’m going to be able to get et people to join the group,hardly any one is going to be willing to like my lookbook for weeks, without getting something in return

Edit: yes you can only get fun for the first 10 likes, but your not limited to how many likes you can give or receive. So how long it takes you to hit 2k is only limited by how many people thought get to like you lookbook in a given day

@Anarchy-Marine I disagree. I am against this tactic, but it seems fair if it's a mechanic in the game that is legit. So I don't see a reason to discouraging this if people want to do it as a group. Yet I do find it wise to figure out if it's an action that can be cause for a ban. Therefore:

@GM-Deynger Do you know if this is allowed in-game or not? I am curious on your thoughts on this.


While I appreciate the concern, I’ll be very very surprised if this is bannable. People advertise it all the time in their lookbook. The only issue it’s hard to get a regular crowd to do it with, and a lot of people don’t return the likes

@TEN-SQUARE-3 I've gotten a series of random likes in a day, just by updating my look, as I did spend meseta in the player vendors for items I liked. Every change to my attire, brought in more likes. That was of course before the player market became heavily inflated. So I've never seen it as hard to get likes. That said, my concern stems from what I've seen other companies do, as no, I didn't know those were player titles. Those would still be one off titles, and have a limit, so even with that, I don't see the point of trying to farm it. It's still not going to solve the issue of limited places to earn SG.

@Ranmaru You make a valid point. Still, I try to avoid doing stuff like that, regardless of whether or not it's deemed ok to do, simply because that could always change. My experience stems from years of online gaming. I'd always tell my friends to be careful doing x, y, and z, because it could result in a ban, I'd always get told I worry too much, and half the time they were right, the other half of the time, they were wrong. I always play it safe, because my account has a lot of money, time put into it. I only have the licencing rights to play the games on my account, and those rights can be revoked at any time. So seeing the idea, made me concerned someone might be playing with fire.


That’s what I was basically doing, but with the cost of this SG scratch and it’s only running for 2 months, I’m trying to maximise all the SG i can get out of the game before it expires.

no nah no thanks no


i dont see any problem with this? somebody wants to organize people to earn the free SG from title rewards - and i would be highly suprised if people are being banned for liking each other? if he was encouraging people to create 50 accounts and be a like bot - ok that would be fishy....but he is not so not a biggy at all...its not like people arent doing that already in game....would be the same as if you ask for a ban on those people that are sitting in lobby with a "like4like" or "like my lookbook" status xD

Common tactic on NA and JP to have Like4Like on their fashion books.

SEGA has never taken any action against this even when they run events on JP that involves fashion books. So I think it would be pretty safe.

Thank you @JuggernautGTX and @HarmlessSyan, finally some sanity. I was hoping other people or a GM would comment on this. I feel like people have been scared off by someone who doesn’t understood the mechanics of the game, and for some reason seems to think Like4like is somehow cheating, or bad gaming behaviour. All it is achievement/trophy boosting, which people do in countless forums on countless games everyday. Theirs people in the game with 20k + likes, you don’t get that many likes just by updating your lookbook everyday.

The reason I wanted to create a group cause it’s hard to find a regular people to do this with, due to hassle of constantly going to your communication log, and trying to remember who you have or haven’t sent a like to etc. at least in a group it’s just one list that you can work through once a day, no muss no fuss.

So again if anyone is interested in doing this drop your GT in this thread or send me an invite on Xbox live. Hopefully we will get a response from a GM as well for further clarification

There is method to gaining likes. Go to search player looks in lookbook, select genre: cute, race: human, gender: all genders, add search tag: like4like, search. Send likes to all those people, when you finished move genre down one slot to cool and send likes to all of them too. When you finished with coll move down one to... you get the idea. After you finished with Humans repeat process with other races. I also go to View player looks > last updated and send likes to all people who don't have like4like tag. Only one like per person per day is actually registered so you want to send likes to as many different people as you can per day.

That's theory of it and when you see how much people are there with like4like tag you will think you will get them 2k likes pretty easy and in no time. In reality it's rather tedious process. You will be super exited when you start doing it as likes will start pouring in comparison to measly few likes a day you probably have been getting thus far. But once you are around 100-200 likes process will get frustrating as you realize that return ratio of like is rather low. I get around 50% likes of like4like crowd wile around 30% from everyone else. So when you are around 200 likes you probably sent around 500 likes and spent several hours doing it 😕 I mitigated this boring frustrating slog of sending likes by actually paying attention to looks of people and sending "honest likes". So if you got Cute/Cool/Interesting like from me in past 10 days I probably do think your char is cute/sexy, cool or funny looking ^^ Normal like I send to people that I don't actually like their looks but i got to get them likes back 😄 (there are also few people that I just simply refuse to send likes to e_e)

Oh, and my character is currently on third page of most likes on ship 3 with over 800 likes: Lobotomite. I'm pretty sure that all people on that "most likes" list do same thing as me, just sending shit-ton of likes per day.
About people that have over 1500 likes: Dunno if they got some crowd somewhere that sends them lot of likes per day like let's say DjPenguin who appears to be twitch streamer so maybe likes come from his stream, or if they use bots to send likes. Who knows, maybe they even got all them likes by spending 5+ hours a day just sending likes to other people 😮