Quality of Life : Immediate Meseta Acquisition

There are multiple immediate acquisition systems in place for weapons, units, materials and other items. Why isn't there one for Meseta?

Yes, you have Meseta Auto-looting, but that requires players to be extremely close to the Meseta drop to pick up vs Meseta Acquisition where players automatically get the Meseta straight to their inventory/storage.

Honestly, only bringing this up because there is a item limit to how many items can exist on a map at one time ( maybe it was 160? ) Players will lose some meseta drops during a PSE burst during their runs in VHAQ/SHAQ if they do the typically approach to just sit in one corner together spamming auto attack with a sigma launcher/range weapon. While many players may consider it chump change, all those meseta drops that you miss eventually adds up from tens to thousands to millions. Who knows maybe players weren't paying attention and missed a king meseta and the drops disappeared due to item count.

What is the point of having Meseta having a separate auto pick up system vs everything else that follows an optional immediate acquisition system?

If you want to come to a compromise, just make it a feature to pay sg to get immediate acquisition meseta just like how players pay sg for material storage/extended storage.


  • saves time where players don't specifically run straight at meseta to pick up
  • don't have to worry about ever missing king meseta again which is a rare encounter for lots of meseta
  • more actual items can exist at one time during PSE burst instead of meseta drops


  • n/a unless someone wants to argue this is a horrible idea

@GoldBird8956276 The current system is a result of how Meseta acquisition used to work. Back then, much like with older title, you had to actually run up and pick up individual Meseta the same way you would do items. Eventually they added the option to allow you to automatically acquire Meseta by running close to it without needing to press the 'pick up' button (this option is ON by default on the NA client but OFF in the JP version and has to be manually turned on).

Its a good suggestion overall and the game does already have code for this to be done... given that people have little reason to even go back to the old 'pick up manually' option, I think its a good idea to phase it out completely in favour of this.

I never really thought of that, but that is a great idea. It would save a load of time in pretty much any quest by not requiring you to run laps around the entire map to pick up all the meseta dropped by mobs.

I agree with this one tbh

Excellent idea.

I've gotten so many duplicate Cydstrid weapon camos straight into my inventory, I've gotten a single 13 star weapon since I started playing (And I made sure to enable all auto-acquisition options available as soon as I started playing), so why should anyone have to run and vacuum up meseta when grinders, badges, and 13 star gear all get auto-deposited?

I'd argue that it should be to the character's inventory and not storage, since I only deposit to storage every quarter-million I earn in order to keep the bank's total tidy, but options for different folks can only be good as long as we get the choice.

Yeah, this would definitely cut down on lost meseta in AQs, ESPECIALLY if we get Boost Rallies in the future that give a Meseta multiplier as well as XP and Rare Drop Rate.