[All Ships] PSO2NA Fashion Community Open its doors to the public!

Hello everyone and thanks beforehand for reading!

  • Are you a Cosmetic addict?
  • Is your Hard drive full of Screenshots and don't have a place to showcase them?
  • Do you want to share your Outfit ideas and Ensembles?
  • Is your cat again on the desk, asking for pets and can't draw anymore until you obey?
  • Do you want to avoid your character to look like Shrek and need help/advice/tips customizing?

PSO2NA Fashion Discord is your place! Click here to join❗

What is the purpose and/or function of this?

It's a strict Fashion Dedicated Community where everyone can share, learn, discover and expand their spectrum within their love and passion. From Cosmetics items, Ensembles, Character customization, Screenshots and Fan art!

What does it feature?

  • Permanent showcase channels with chatting disabled.
  • Specific chat channels relative^ to showcase channels.
  • Specific Character customization and Item finder channels.
  • Fresh finds items showcase with quick preview and different sources/results.
  • Ensemble/Lookbook system.
  • Automated Streamer role system to promote PSO2 content creators.

And more!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks for your time, Rin. 🌸

Added Most-loved Feature for Ensemble Directories.

Added Discord In-built Cosmetic Directories. ( Directories in process. )Preview.

Improved Suggestion system.

Lovely idea :3 I joined !

@Xaiyeon I appreciate a lot ❤

  • Added #summer channel for seasonal screenshots.
  • Fixed Ensemble-Directories major bug with Discord's end.

~ housing channel?