Caligula Shaftshard farm?

I currently have 15 Caligula Shaftshards that I'm not entirely sure where I got them from. I know I'll be needing them for making weapons later so I'd like to farm them while I have down time. I've tried Dio Hyunal runs in Ultimate quest like the Wiki says but I haven't managed to get any to drop. Does anyone know for a fact what drops them? I appreciate the info.

EDIT: This is on NA servers by the way.


They drop from the Profound Darkness UQ.

@AndrlCh said in Caligula Shaftshard farm?:

They drop from the Profound Darkness UQ.

They definitely do not. NA Profound Darkness only drops Photon Boosters as materials. Unless they are on the drop table but on an extremely rare roll. My alliance and I have done countless PD triggers and UQs. The urgent does not even drop Nero Obsidian which is wild. I also had 15 way before that UQ came up.

I need someone that knows for a fact where they got their Caligula from, please.

As of right now only way to get as drop is from Dio Hyunal (may of misspelled) boss at the the end of Ultimate quest.

I guess it just has to be an insanely rare drop.

On the plus side Torana definitely drops in Heaven and Hell. Got 16 from the five weekly runs today.