[Ship 1] Need an alliance thats Active, likes to drink, chill and with low salt content.

Title says it all. I play daily looking for an alliance to chill with have fun drink, and do end game with low salt content (Current alliance is filled with a bunch of inactives). Im looking to improve in playing PSO2, and learn more about the PSO2 End Game. (Aside from fashion and google doesn't know everything) . Prefer Casual midcore (is midcore even a thing?) My time zone is HST AKA UTC-10 which for you none native folk is Hawaii Time Zone.

Seriously im just chill, Clear PSO2 content, Get drops, and have fun. I play 3 different characters 3 different classes so 4 classes at 75? looking to level all classes to 75 for that sweet sweet bonus. Just prefer to main these 3 for the time being.

PineappleKing 75 BO/HU

Major 75 BR/HU


Anyway send me a msg here or look for me in game. PN is NyteCrawler.

got an alliance so yeee thanks all that contacted me.


Unlimited Loli Works is recruiting. We currently #2 in the AP rankings and we are fairly active.