🍌 Leader: Bananas (BananaHand#4456) <------ add me on Discord!

🍌 Officers: Kawaii (second in command)/Ship2full/Dman/SpamMusabi

🍌 Type: Serious but chill (still focused on having fun and making new friends)

🍌 Active Timezone(s): Mainly EST but have members from all over.

🍌 Alliance Description: We focus on guild runs (AQ/Ultimates/Urgents/upcoming guild events). We are currently at 100 members (so is our Discord) but are looking to remove as many inactives as we can (could be over 50!). Our Tree buffs are: 8/5/5/8/8 (We were late to the party!). We are ranked top 5 in Rare Item Acquisition and top 10 in Alliance Points.

🍌 Requirements: We're looking for ACTIVE, friendly players (level70+) who aim to play as a team, gear up and get better at the game! Must have Discord and willing to use it when we do runs together as an Alliance (no mic needed).

🍌 About Us: As the leader of the number one ranked guild in multiple games (EoS/SB/PWI to name a few), I decided to make one here as well. We established a few days after the P.C launch and aim to be a top guild here as well. Though now, as a married, working man, I am much more laid back than I used to be. I am just more interested in improving and having FUN now.

🍌 P.S: We're also looking for Alliance mergers! If you'd like to merge your core members into us, to form one, big ACTIVE Alliance, give me a shout to discuss terms!