Leaders kicking before you can loot...


I hear it's bannable. Is the only way to report em through the XBL app? This dude kicked me for no reason as soon as PD was killed. He lacked the testicular fortitude to even respond to me.

I believe "naming and shaming" on the forum is discouraged if not disallowed.

There is a report feature. If you click a character there is an option along the lines of Misc > Report (which is a good idea with advertisers of meseta selling websites by the way). If you are not in the vicinity of the character, there is a menu option that is something like Communication > Players you have recently formed parties with, and I think there is a report option within that.

There are reports of people being suspended for doing this. I know in JP you can for sure get suspended for doing this. There's no reason to do it as everyone has their own unique drops so the only reason anyone would do it is to troll.

Also i'm not one to judge but anyone who uses "Your mom" for anything has to be no older then 10 years old.

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Also i'm not one to judge but anyone who uses "Your mom" for anything has to be no older then 10 years old.


There is also no reason to do it as PD has a limit of one try. He could have left party to do his own thing. No excuse of doing more PD runs, as there is less urgency with PD.

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@Ultra-Elite I tried to make a PSA post on Reddit the other day and of course those smart guys kill the post because it didn't fit a kind of specification. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

I had a couple of people abandon the team while still collecting after urgent quests, and it was infuriating to say the least. I started yelling at them in the lobby but they never respond. 😫😫😫

Also, a recent trend on ultimate Quest has been to simply abandon the quest altogether kicking out all of the team members....even when you're fighting Agna! Myself and other team members end up in a lobby asking what the hell simultaneously.

This has basically forced me to start my own UQ or just join as a separate party which is such a fantastic feature. Many times I join a party and then within 10 minutes the party begins to disband. I know there is a thing about bringing in bots but especially for a ranger if I can get free buffs I'll take that over teams with no techter or healer.(So brutal)

@Ultra-Elite 3 other members of the group looted and left the arena, and not in a rush either. You took an abnormally long time to loot by the sounds of it, you could have dropped party at any point to avoid being booted and I advise you to do so in the future given the time you took. I had no idea you were still looting (how could 3 people who left the arena know that), and you joined a group of 3 friends who just wanted to fill a last spot. I went AFK immediately after. Next time avoid making gross accusations and blame SEGA's horrific party system instead of assuming the worst.

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@Grimwald I think naturally, people take their time and expect party members to simply leave party at the end of PD. There is no need to rush since there is a limit of one. Yet, your side is valid as well if you don't want to split up the party. I think it is normal to expect a party of three to boot after a long time if they have another friend that wants to join. So in that case, OP should have been considering that as well. I'll simply consider this a lesson for all of us. I will certainly keep in mind leaving the party (if it doesn't boot us from the instance) as a defense to this.

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I will certainly keep in mind leaving the party (if it doesn't boot us from the instance)

Doesn't it?

@Miraglyth I haven't tried doing so from the party settings when looting. The option never came up. I'd have to double check.

Worth noting that in the majority of modern video games, removing someone from a group (especially after an encounter is over) does not merit an immediate ejection from the encounter. I put in a ticket to SEGA because I am sympathetic for Ultra's loss of loot.

Should have just hoard everything there then sort later. Better assumed you only drop fodder of sigma weapons there and move on.

If you're sympathetic for my loss then why did you kick me?

And no, I was kicked I'd say a good 10 seconds after PD died (I even skipped the cutscene as usual). It doesn't take me that long to loot either so you clearly had some sort of motive. Don't be upset that someone decided to spread your wrong-doings publicly.