Mag question re: CM Evolution Devices

Has anyone gotten and used a Lepus evolution device from the Challenge shop? I'm curious if using one would teach a mag PP Restore J, as that trigger is exclusive to that form and I forgot to teach it to a mag before leveling it to 200. I'd rather check if that's possible before I go resetting and reraising it.

All Mag Evolution Devices are purely cosmetic, including the ones from the CM shop.

With the OP's question having been answered, I'd like to take a moment to detail more about the Challenge Mode evolution devices.

The CM devices are R versions of the mags you can evolve via level-up. What does the R mean? Perusing various information sites, all I could find was that R types "can be colour changed".

Now that could mean one of two things: For any mag that doesn't have a fixed colour, you can use two types of pass on it:

  • Mag Color Change Pass: This gives it a fixed colour that doesn't change to match your outfit/outerwear.
  • Mag Color Coordination Pass: This makes your mag always change its colour to the last outfit or outerwear that you equip.

Level-up evolutions are coordinated. But nowhere explained which behaviour R versions use by default. So I used a device to perform a redundant evolution:


Then I changed outfits a few times. It turns out the R version is still coordinated. So... visually there's no difference between level-up and R form.

The only things you get from using a device like this are an R at the end of the mag's name and the ability to switch back to it with a Mag Form Change Pass (since that doesn't let you select a level-up form).