i suggest devs and GMS actually read the threads here.

This section is pretty pointless since i dont think those who can do something about it reads this section anyways. No acknowledgement whatsoever and if there is one, its the generic copy paste message.

Those who can actually do anything about half of the stuff posted here are over at SEGA of Japan and may not have the best grasp of English. The Community Team (an external hire which includes GMs, Social Media, etc) are tasked with communicating and translating what goes on here and sending it over to the dev team behind the scenes. Sometimes the generic message is all that can be given... it basically amounts to "We've translated and sent this over to the people who can actually do anything 'bout it, its up to them now whether this becomes a thing".

It could mean that or it could also mean, here's a generic copy paste message for you because we dont care but are paid to respond. We will acknowledge this but will not do anything about it.

It's one thing to read the threads here- entirely another thing to be able to contact someone able to make any change. It's a sad reality but I don't think we'll be able to make our voices heard- and with the unpopular changes sega of JP has made for western audiences- focusing more on predatory microtransaction formulas over a solid foundation to their game(some people still unable to play- others continue to have it uninstall on them..) It just feels like the inevitable death of the game after the whales run out of commitment to keep overpaying for things they could get on JP much easier and cheaper. There is no way this games community will last at this rate. They should give us a free ship transfer as our home ships will eventually all have to merge to find any people to play with- slow down on banners. and speed up on making the game work for everyone and feature things the same as they were in JP- with additions and slight changes so it makes sense for the version where we will be speeding through episodes in a year that JP brought out over the course of 8. You can't just implement things randomly without any forethought on the state of NA..

I agree with Leon here. Don't shoot the messenger. I don't think we should attribute their responses to malice and to misleading us. It is hard to know what they really are doing in the background but at worst, we must be neutral.

Oh, we read them. But of late more people have been posting topics of interest in other sections, which has split our attention instead of being able to focus on this section, as was intended.

@GM-Deynger Would it not be a better idea to move some of the suggestion and feedback threads from other sections to here?

@GM-Deynger thats all im asking! Thank you for the response and acknowledgement